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Jan 23, 2009 06:36 AM

Buzz on Howe's Bayou - Ferndale

We're making our annual pilgrimage to Howe's next week. Scanned the net for recent reviews and really didn't find any. Any 'hounds out there with fresh opinions?

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  1. OK not to "fresh" but a couple of years ago we went there for lunch and the service was horrible. Food took forever to come out, then when it did it came out all at different times. One girl ordered crab cakes and there was not much crab to be said, and she had shells. We were pretty much the only ones there. I love the place for dinner though, I haven't been in a long time.

    1. Nothing really "fresh" from me, either. I do like the food that I've had there (again, it's been quite a while), from their po' boys right up to their entrees. Nothing that really gives you a major cajun/creole feeling, just more of a slight fix, if you will.

      One thing to avoid: their house drink, the Hurricane, or whatever it is. Yuck. Avoid.

      I've never had a service problem there, but then, I think I'm there almost exlusively when the owner is there, just by happenstance. I would think that the guy who signs the checks would be reason enough for service to be good. That, and he's a pretty decent guy to talk to. Still: when he recommends the Hurricane? Politely decline.

      1. Ask for crawfish bisque , they sometimes make it but its not on the menu . It's delicious . The last time we went , I had the crawfish boil , it was good , not New Orleans in April good , but good nonetheless . I have spent many a spring in New Orleans , and once you have the real deal food down there , approximations elsewhere just don't quite ever cut it . Having said that , the food at Howe's is good and and a solid destination . It's been open for seemingly forever in a brutal restaurant town , so they must be doing something right .

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          Thanks for the feedback thus far. Four of us have dined there, perhaps 10 times in the past five years. So, we're always looking for a reason to go back.