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Jan 23, 2009 06:33 AM

Pizzeria Mozza--Reservations a must?

A group of 10 want to have an early dinner (6:30PM) at Pizzeria Mozza next Friday, January 30th--if we dont have reservations should we just pick somewhere else?

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  1. You could call, but most likely will need to pick somewhere else....

    1. I would not do a party that large there. We had a party of 4 recently and even with reservations ended up waiting 30 minutes

      1. Mozza really doesn't have a table big enough to seat 10, unless you take the entire Jack Warner Room - not cheap. I'd call and find out just in case, but you're probably better off at Terroni. Walking in with 10 is not a possibility.

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          I would recommend Terroni as well. They are more equipped to do a large party.

        2. Hopefully you won't have trouble landing a rezzie (like every mid-range and up restaurants in town, the recession had freed up more available time slots) but given your large party I'd definitely avoid going there if you don't already have space reserved.


          1. The largest table they have holds 6. They have a private room that holds up to 15 but you have to spend a minimum of $1500 in food and wine I believe.