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Jan 23, 2009 06:26 AM

Calling all Pie Ladies (or Pie Fellas or friends of said artists) - MSP/southern MN

Hello All -

I am working on a documentary piece on pie and am looking for the genuine pie lady (or pie fella) in the MSP or Southern MN area. What I mean by this is someone who makes their own pies deftly, consistently and well. I imagine they find themselves in a dinner in the early morning "whiffing" out a pie crust. If you know of said craftsman, please let me know!

I've done quite a bit of reading on the Midwest board about pie, so know there are pie lovers out there! Thanks for your help.

Thanks and happy eating.

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  1. makifish:

    If you are willing to make the trip to Central Illinois, I have the lady for you...she knows all the tricks and her pies are to die for...deww

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    1. re: EWW

      Illinois is a bit far this go around, but perhaps at a later date. :) Thanks for the reply.

    2. Wouldn't Marjorie Johnson be a good candidiate? (maybe overly exposed press-wise), but she certainly has racked up the blue ribbons for her baking and cooking. I bet she has a few pies under her belt...

      You could look into Betty's Pies in Mahtomedi (White Bear Lake).

      Betty's Pies
      700 Wildwood Rd, Saint Paul, MN

      1. There is a place in Stockholm Wisconsin called the Stockholm Pie Company or something similar to that. Its a nice drive and it would only be about an hour south of Hastings. Other than apple pie, I don't bake many others... yet. Good luck.

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        1. re: WIburgergirl

          Thanks all for your suggestions. Happy pie - going. :)

        2. Ok, start here at this flier for the :
          Minnesota Slow Food's "It's All About Pie!" Event back in 2006. It was a total cherry blueberry chocolate gooseberry sweet potato lemon cream rhubarb raspberry pie frenzy, and all I can say is that you and your camera shoulda been there! Note the featured piemakers on the bottom of the flier.

          You can google Anne Dimmock easily--should find her book and a NYT magazine article on her from 2006.

          John Michael Lerna (more here: is a totally entertaining character, pie maker, cookbook writer, and perennial pie contest contestant/winner. One of the food channels did a show on him several years back too, I think.

          Rose McGee is one of those larger than life women...singer, artist, writer, storyteller, all around mover of human beings and owner of Deep Roots Deserts, specializing in Sweet Potato pie. More here:, article on her in Edible Twin Cities here:

          And, Valorie Arrowsmith of Braham Pie Day, just north of the Cities. She's the one in the hat on the banner here: for the big Pie Day Celebration in Braham, MN, the self-proclaimed Homemade Pie Capitol of Minnesota.

          Let me know if you want to reach any of these folks and have trouble getting in touch--I can connect you. My email is on my profile.

          Are you looking for professional bakers, or home bakers?

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          1. re: clepro

            Thanks SO much, these are great leads.

            We are essentially looking for both -- anybody who makes pie and believes in it, those are the folks we want to talk to!

            Thanks again!