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Jan 23, 2009 06:04 AM


Went to Side Street Cafe in Florence last night. They are running a "recession busters" deal..3 course dinner for $20.09. Choice of about 10 apps/salads, a dozen++ main courses, and maybe 6 desserts.
I had a calamari misto for my tasty with plenty of tentacles, my main was a flat iron steak with delicious mashed potatoes and greens in a perfectly done reduction. My wife enjoyed an ample warm beet salad with fennell for an app and a nice ly presented salmon entree. We had keylime pie and creme brule for dessert.
The selections are wide, the portions generous, the food is well prepared, the service was friendly..all for $20.09 a person. What more could I ask for? The best deal around. I'm there as often as I can. Go! Go! Go!
I may sound like a shill but I'm just impressed and excited!

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  1. I've been reading chowhound for quite a while, but have never posted....but I simply had to....The recession buster deal IS wonderful. I was there last week and also got the warm beet salad and had to restrain myself from licking the bowl. For an entree I had the trout with a mushroom risotto and veggies and the key lime pie for dessert. everything was wonderful, the atmosphere is warm and cozy and the service was excellent (maybe a bit slow, but it was fine, as we were there to talk and take our time).
    Makes me glad that i live around the corner!

    1. We know you're not a shill, Moe! I used to live near Side Street and ate there/got takeout all the time...I do miss it.

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        Hey Hollerhither did you ever make it to Frigo's yet?

        1. re: Big Fat Moe

          No -- but definitely keep asking, because I keep forgetting, darn it.

      2. My sister lives in Florence, and we have very much enjoyed the place and indeed the value. For a teeny place, Florence actually has a few good eats!

        Glad you like it Moe, it is good to hear a simply happy voice on Chow talking about simply good food.

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            It's too friggin' cold today! But I have put a post-it up on my monitor that says "Frigo's," in your honor.