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Jan 23, 2009 05:51 AM

Sunday evening North Beach

Rec's for dinner after a poetry reading (~ 6, 6:30 ) Sunday around Broadway/Columbus in San Francisco?
Places I've thought of include:
New Sun
Panta Rei
Cafe Macaroni
....looking for casual, not-too-dear to sit and chat.
thanks! Anyone have experience with the current Enrico's?

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  1. I'd choose Cafe Macaroni over Tomasso's. If you go to Enrico's hope you report back. I know this is more than you want, but i'll throw it out there anyway. With the current Dine About Town promotion, Joe Dimaggio's is serving a three-course dinner for $35. Haven't been, but I have always been curious about the place.

    Another place I've never been but want to try ... though in Washington Square ... is Cafe Divine which has a prix fixe for $19 which includes warm olives, soup or salad, entree, dessert or glass of wine. On Sunday night there is music too.

    1. Sundays are tough since many places are closed on Sundays. My favorite on a Sunday would be the House.

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        Thanks Felice, We tried The House this evening. REALLY wonderful day boat scallop, avocado and mache salad. REALLY wonderful Japanese pumpkin tart for desert. Very good steak (the cut was a little too fatty) very good fried calamari appetizer (nothing wrong with it, just nothing spectacular) and ok grilled fish (a little fishy). $104 with two glasses of wine. The place had a nice warm feeling to it, but #1 it was a quite noisy, and #2 the people working there were knowledgeable and prompt, but they didn't seem very happy. In all, it was a good experience, but the food would have to be a bit more consistent and the people more cheerful to make it a great one.

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          link 2

          The House
          1230 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

      2. Poetry reading in North Beach followed by a small snack at Mario's. I think I may have done that in the early seventies. Or not.

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          Does anyone have any exerience with Firenzi at Night, near the corner of Stockton and Columbus? I've never heard much about it but pass by there on the bus everyday and am curious. The prices seem right.

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            Firenza at Night is known for housemade gnocchi.

            1. re: casalbore spirit

              Firenze by Night has some excellent pastas - the paparadelle toscano is the signature dish made with a rabbit sauce

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                Firenze By Night
                1429 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

        2. Another vote for Caffe Macaroni, the original location. I like upstairs in the evening and would be some how fitting after a reading, imo.

          1. And in the end, we turned out to be a party of three couples plus one single, one of the couples picked North Beach Restaurant (Margaret had been there, years ago; I never had) and we had a very nice evening...eggplant parmesan was it for me...others seemed happy with their meals, but what stood out was the patience & good humor & appropriate energy of the wait staff....and the good Syrah wine we were lead to....

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              Thanks for reporting back. Not too many mentions of North Beach Restaurant and many of them negative. Glad it went well

              North Beach Restaurant
              1512 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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                And their sand dabs are delicious!