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Jan 23, 2009 05:36 AM

Solo dining in Rome acceptable?

I'll have a couple of nights on a business trip to Rome where I'll be solo. Like the rest of Europe, is it perfectly acceptable to dine alone with a newspaper for lunch and dinner? Does it matter what caliber of restaurant - in other words should I be looking for casual spots? Finally, what time is best to go out solo?

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  1. I occasionally hear of a restaurant that won't accept reservations for singles, but other than that go wherever you like whenever you like. Upmarket places don't count on more than one party per table in an evening, so if you want to dine at 9, do so. Most places don't serve before 8 anyway. If your prop is a small notebook rather than a newspaper, they will imagine you are a critic, and in any case it will give you an air of mystery. But enjoy your newspaper if you like, esp in casual places and trattorias.

    1. solo dining is acceptable anywhere

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        I spent a week in alone in Rome a couple of years ago, solo dining was not an issue at all. I took a book with me to read between courses for my own enjoyment, My first meal alone I felt a bit uncomfortable, but you quickly realize no one notices you anyway, and it became quite enjoyable.

      2. I often dined alone when I lived in Rome and never had the slightest ptoblem. I agree, though, it's best to go earlier.

        1. In my years of traveling to Rome solo, I had only one restaurant that denied solo reservations -- or so my hotel told me: Dal Bolognese at Piazza del Popolo, and that was in the year 2000. Things may have changed.