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Jan 23, 2009 05:32 AM

Fish Market?

Hello chowhounds,
I was wondering if anyone out there could recommend a good place to buy fresh fish in Baltimore city. I know there is one place in Catonsville. I live in Federal Hill and while I don't mind some of the offerings at Cross St market they don't seem to carry very interesting fish, just white trout, salmon. I am a fan of the oilier fish, but don't seem to even encounter mackeral, red snapper or sea bass too often around here. Is Lexington Market my best bet?
Thanks for any tips!

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  1. h mart in catonsville
    wegmans in hunt valley
    faidleys in lexington market

    1. Broadway Market (north building) in Fells Point.

      1. Riverfalls seafood in potomac is Top Notch...
        Ask for Jr. or Jeff.......they really know their stuff..

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        1. re: themeatguy

          Potomac hardly qualifies as "in Baltimore city".

          1. re: Hal Laurent

            Sorry, I missed that part, which means I need an additional cup of java.....Thank you..