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Jan 23, 2009 04:48 AM

ISO Marcona Almonds

Would anybody know where, if at all, I could find Marcona almonds in Montreal? Last time I bought some was in NYC afew weeks ago and I'm quickly running out and need them tonogit. Preferably in the JTM vicinity. Thanks a whole bunch.

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  1. I bought a tin of Marcona almonds at Costco several months ago. Don't know if they still stock them.

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    1. re: davyboy

      Thanks but I'm not a member and never will be. Last time I went, I wanted in to see if ot was worth it and the greeter at the entrance refused us access to the store because we were not membres. How am I supposed to know Iif I want to become one if you don't let me see the store first? Nobody would buy a car bithout test driving it first like I don't buy a pair of jeans I haven't tried on.

      1. re: Campofiorin

        The greeter should have told you that the customer service desk near the entrance would issue you a guest pass which would enable you to tour the store but not make any purchases.

      2. re: davyboy

        The Marcona almonds are regularly stocked at Costco, AFAIK. And mighty yummy they are...

        1. re: cherylmtl

          Like I said before, I will not go to Costco because I didn't feel welcome the last time I was there and because we're only two at home and don't need to buy a 5 years supply of TP. ;-)

        2. re: davyboy

          Should all Costco locations stock the Marcona almonds? I sent a person to Costco(since I'm not a member), but apparently the Costco near my home doesn't carry it. After the person couldn't find it on the shelves, he asked a Costco employee for help(that's what he told me).

          1. re: BLM

            I have some marcona almonds in my cupboard, proudly bearing the President's Choice brand from Loblaws. If they're at Loblaws, you can probably get them at any large supermarket store.

        3. I got marcona almonds at Provigo on Parc and Sherbrooke not long ago. They're not as good as the ones I got at Costco. The thing is, I got the marconas at Costco a year and a half ago. Every time I go to Costco I look for them but they are never in stock.

          Campofiorin, I brought a friend (nonmember) to Costco on Thursday of this week: the Costco on Bridge street. I don't see why you should judge Costco's willingness to welcome you based on one experience with one employee on one particular day. I have never had trouble getting into Costco, both as a guest of a member and as a member bringing guests.

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          1. re: riboflavinjoe

            I just bought the last two bags of Marcona almonds from Loblaws (St. Jacques) - and bonus points, the price on the shelf was 4.99, but when scanned they were $2.49 and they are delicious. Since I don't have the Costco ones to compare with, I'm perfectly happy eating these.

            1. re: riboflavinjoe

              Well, hope you don't mind if I don't want to return. When I don't feel welcome somewhere, I tend not to go back. That's just me. Plus, like I' ve said before, everything is too big there and we're just 2 at home. But thanks for the tip, I work really close to that Provigo. Are these Marconas in oil like they should?

              1. re: Campofiorin

                Nay, they are dry and I believe they be salted. If you want to go to Costco sometime, gimme a PM, I'll bring you. It's the cheapest place for Maple Syrup, and if you need a whack of Toilet Paper, you can't beat Costco with a stick.

                1. re: riboflavinjoe

                  Thanks for the tip. I'll try the dry ones, much better than nothing at all, right? But there really is something about the almonds being in oil, makes them softer. I could ask my dad to go to Costco. Maybe it's the gigantism of the place that just doesn't suit me. But thanks for the offer.