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Sea Salt Naples

Has anyone eaten at Sea Salt in Naples? What did you think of it?

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  1. Look up the An Insatiable Appetite blog on blogspot. He reviewed Sea Salt, as well as a number of places in Naples, Bonita, and Ft. Myers.

    1. Six of us went to Sea Salt last night for dinner. It was ok. Nice atmosphere great service but the food did not live up to the menu descriptions. To give everyone a baseline we've been to Trulucks Roy's Campiellos and PF Chang. The food was outstanding at all 3 restaurants. Sea Salt's food was good but not outstanding. One person had butternut squash soup (delicious) others had calamari (ok) I had mussels(ok) Main courses 3 of us had salmon in limonchello with capers.(bland ...could not taste the marinade) One had surf and turf(the ravioli's were not cooked ...it tasted doughy). Two had the scallops which again were ok but lacked that special something that one expects at an expensive restaurant. We did not have desert. We all said we would not go back. Too many better restaurants in the area.

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        Have tried Sea Salt a few times. Not sure yet about this establishment. The food is just okay-it doesn't seem to justify the prices, the service can be spotty and downright frustrating, unlike a restaurant in this calibre.

        Best bet would be Trulucks for Seafood, Capitol Grill or Chops for steaks, etc. Any of these -you can't go wrong. Unfortunately in this economy, a restaurant has to "hit" on all cylinders: Food, Quality and Service for it to be a "must-go" to place. Sea Salt doesn't yet, but possibly given some time

      2. had lunch and it was a terrible experience all the way round. 'seafood florentine' soup was gray (gray soup?) with a sliver of green, which we assumed was the 'florentine'. we, who eat almost anything other than insects, found it unpalatable. batter on the shrimp in the mixed fry was gummy. oysters small and dry. soggy scallops (at least that's what we were told they were - you could have fooled us.) calamari was pretty ordinary and not as good as most neighborhood italian joints serve in n.j....even the lemon they served with it was so hard one would need a vise to squeeze it. service at 2 pm. was from the git-go sullen and slow. the hostess, who mumbled (we are not hard of hearing) was doing us a big favor to even speak to us. food delivery for such a late time was very slow. since the waitress appeared totally uninterested in knowing if we enjoyed the food, we wrote our comments down on the check and tried to hand them to the 'manager' who hautily and obnoxiously dismissed us by repeating, 'our food is excellent', 'everyone loves our food' over and over. in other words, we were culinary idiots. what an attitude! to give our credentials, we lived in nyc for years and have eaten at the best restaurants, cost not an object. we are also cooks ourselves and owned a restaurant for 15 years. we eat lunch out every day in naples and several times a week out to dinner. these people need cooking lessons and a course in manners. they can't last long.

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          The owner of this restaurant came on another thread talking about how it was the top restaurant in John Mariani's restaurant ratings in Esquire. Well, not with that sort of attitude. I assume this was the same woman. They will be gone before season is over if they don't clean up their act. LMF

        2. We had dinner there with friends last week. What a huge disappointment.The caesar salad was somewhat deconstructed - a small wedge of romaine covered with a heavy, overpowering gloppy dressing - and enough dressing for several salads. The dressing was an absolute palate killer that reeked of egg. My app of roasted beets was actually really good. It was the only decent food our table was to see that evening. The carpaccio was inedible. Two of us ordered the ahi tuna as an entree. It is listed on the menu as "served rare". I specifically asked our server if it was really rare and he assured me it was. Of course, when it came - both orders - it was overcooked. Gray with a bit of pink in the middle and coated in an almost impossibly thick covering a sesame seeds. My daughter ordered the roasted chicken. The crust was so totally burned that it was inedible. She was going to just remove the skin and eat the meat underneath, but it had been so torched that the meat tasted burned. Yet - when she cut into the thigh, it was raw in the middle. This dish was sent back and no replacement was requested. One diner ordered the grouper, with the simple request of no capers. Of course, the dish came literally smothered in capers. The grouper was no better for it and we all wondered if the plethora of capers was there to cover up a freshness issue with the fish, as the flavor hinted at a bit of age. Another dinner uneaten. There were other dishes on the table that remained uneaten, but I am not sure what the issues with these dishes were, so I can't be specific.
          Through all of this, we had a condescending, snotty waiter. He was French. My husband told him the caesar was less than spectacular (in perfect French, no less) and was rewarded with an attitude that basically said the problem was with my husband and not the caesar.
          Service was terrible. Attitude was terrible. Food was a nightmare. Then one of the servers poured hot coffee down the back of another patron near us. The poor gentleman had to quickly pull off his shirt, revealing an already bright red back. This of course, followed by an ambulance and paramedics. The perfect end to the perfect evening.
          Obviously, we will not be back. But - the restaurant was full to the brim at the time we left. And with tourist season almost upon us, I am sure Sea Salt will have a very profitable season. Too bad.

          1. i'm really pulling for this restaurant as i lived in dc when the owner was the sous chef for Roberto Donna's Galileo which was the top rated food place in dc for many yrs. i was also disappointed when i ate there about 2 mos ago. the service was very bad as the waiter forgot to "fire up" our entree order so we waited about an hr between courses. they tried to make it up with free desserts and a glass of wine but at that point the damage had been done. the food was good. i had a pasta appetizer: the Kobe beef bolognese , had the surf and turf (the steak was outstanding with a foie gras sauce). i hope some of the lousy food preparations mentioned here are because the chef/owner was not there --i know they have gone thru at least one sous chef who was formerly the chef at Naples Tomato. if it lasts the season i will try it again in the spring.

            1. It's amazing how erratic the reviews are for this place. I was there last Feb and it was excellent. Great atmosphere, service, chow and wine. I particularly enjoyed the dedication to wine... nice list and a full time sommelier... I remember thinking I hope they can support this expense. I am on route to Naples today and will be heading back to Sea Salt this weekend... I hope it's as good as I remember.

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                So Wine AG, how was Sea Salt. I hope it succeeds.

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                  Dined at Sea Salt last weekend and I am happy to report this place is still excellent... as good as I remember it from the last time I was there. It was a Saturday night and the place was full. The staff is very friendly and does a nice job... I always liked the design of room and bar... the cool glass wine cellar, etc. The food was great. Started with a couple of frito misto samplers for the table (we were 8)... the execution of the dish (not greasy at all, very lightly fried and served hot) and quality of the seafood (shrimp, calamari, scallops, clams) is a good indication of what the kitchen can do and I highly recommend it. For apps we continued with a few pastas, cheese plate, cured meats and a couple of others... all excellent. I had the bone in tenderloin which was perfectly cooked.. served with excellent mashed. Everyone loved their meal.

                  The wine list here is the best list that I've seen in the region. Fantastic wines, stored and served at the right temp...and at all price points. Also, excellent wine glasses. I was very pleased with Sea Salt and will return in March.

                  BTW, also had a fantastic meal at Trulucks... stone crab shined here. The king crab was good but couldn't hold up to the perfect stone crab.... the all you can eat stone crab on Mondays would be a good bet. The steaks here were also fabulous. Great service, excellent atmosphere (our table of 4 sat on th patio) and sides rounded it out. This place is very solid, polished. Expensive, but worth it.

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                    I am going down to Naples this week. Have booked: Turtle Club, M Waterfront Grille, Trulucks, Chops (city location), Cafe Lurcat and Capital Grille. Do you think any of those are worth dropping for Sea Salt?

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                      This is a tasty list.
                      I'd drop Lurcat for Sea Salt.
                      If you like excellent French, drop Chops and go to Escargot 41.

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                        if you're going to Truluck's then i would drop Chops. Chops is good but not great. you can get a good steak at Trulock's too. if you want a great steak go to Preston's which is near downtown anyway--best steak i ever had. i have been disappointed with Lurcat--sort of like the Zoe and Trilogy type places that have folded--very pricey and the food never hits the mark. you should try this new upscale pub called Jolly Cricket on 5th Ave--excellent service and food and good price point (also has live music--low key).

                2. Ate at Sea Salt twice this past week! We booked the chef's table for my parent's 40th anniversary -- fabulous! Fabrizio chatted with us and we got the watch all the action in the kitchen. They were great and worked with our dietary restrictions to make sure everyone could eat everything being served. The food was so amazing we decided to come back a few nights later and eat from the normal menu. Service and food was also terrific. I highly recommend this restaurant. Probably one of the best in Naples and compares to top restaruants in DC and NYC. Things to try: tuna entre, sweet potatoe fries, ceasar salad, truffle gnocchi.

                  Sea Salt-Naples
                  1186 Third Street South, Naples, FL 34102

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                    So glad to hear good things about Sea Salt. I LOVE this restaurant and the staff have always been outstanding. We are wine distributors in Chicago and winter in Naples, we enjoy talking with the sommelier and tasting their fab wine list. We have been there at least a dozen times and have never had a bland or bad meal. I also agree with An Insatiable Appetite we really enjoy Escargo 41 in a little strip mall ... don't let the location turn you off. Wine list is excellent and fair priced only downer is they do not allow BYOB even with corkage fee. BUMMER

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                      I ate at Sea Salt last night with visiting friends-two couples of pretty savvy diners.

                      The service food and ambiance were impeccable, despite it being Chef Frabrizio's only night off (Sunday). We hand picked our fish from the iced display-the fish's eyes were clear and moist-fresh, fresh, fresh!

                      We shared a large platter of charcuterie, then a platter of cheeses, jam and baby pears (or quince?). The orange colored aged Gouda is to die for!

                      An amuse bouche of perfectly seared scallop followed-I forgot to get the details.

                      One may was head over heels for the braised Kobe beef ribs with caramelized onions-I didn't get a slice, however the aroma was heavenly.
                      I had the surf and turf, with crisp red snapper and about a 6oz portion of Australian grass fed beef. Others had the branzino, and the tuna. The wine was Domaine Serene's Yamhill '07 Pinot-we had more than a couple bottles!
                      Dessert was various sorbets and gelati-I loved the Mango, then the raspberry.

                      Pacing was spot on, Portion size just right for having several courses.

                      I've been here several times over the past year and had exccellent food and service. Yes ,over a year ago there were some start up kinks that have sine been fixed-happens in any new spot. Sea Salt continues to be one of my top 5 spots in SW Fla for higher end dining, and my downtown spot for apps and drinks when I'm on the run, too.

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                        Ivan, we return in a few weeks. Looking forward to trying Sea Salt again.

                    2. can't wait to try it again--first time was disappointing..

                      1. We had lunch at Sea Salt on 1/15, it was our first time to Naples (were staying in Ft. Myers) and it was a wonderful meal. We both had a whole fish and it was prepared perfectly. The service was very attentive. We are actually planning a trip to Naples just so we can eat here again.

                        Sea Salt-Naples
                        1186 Third Street South, Naples, FL 34102