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Jan 23, 2009 04:11 AM

Pina Linguina coming soon in Howell

I was driving to Howell yesterday and saw this restaurant's sign coming up. It's taking over the Turkish Grill on route 9. It's supposed to be a pasta house.

Address will be 2775 US 9N in Howell.

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  1. Hopefully they last. Everything that wnet there never makes it. Remember it use to be a Portuguese restaurant?

    Hopefully, this guy does'nt loose his shirt.

    1. Turkish Grill? Portuguese restaurant? Where exactly is this on 9? I feel like the proverbial broken record, but... Just what we need! Another pasta joint! Of course, if it turns out to be something special... Anyone want to take bets on that happening?! lol

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      1. re: RGR

        It's across the street from Sushi by Kazu in Howell.

        1. re: wench31

          I'm afraid that doesn't help me much because I don't know where Sushi by Kazu is located.

          1. re: RGR

            1/4 mile north of RT 9 n & I-195

      2. Pina Linguina is now open. I was driving by it the other day and the Grand Opening sign was up. Has anybody been there yet?

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        1. re: wench31

          For some reason that space always looks empty. Even when it was a Turkish grill & before that a Portuguese restaurant. Funny thing the IVY LEAGUE & SUSHI by KAZU restaurants is always Packed just a block or so away! Go figure?

          1. re: Tapas52

            the place is open 2 pasta dinners for 25.00 4 different pastas every night plus some of the best desserts around
            i will be their tonight with 10 people

            1. re: vinnya

              Cool! Please let me know how the food is. I've been wanting to go in there but chickened out! :)

              1. re: wench31

                the food was very good,we started with a tray of pepperoni and cubed cheese,then a large salad each,then the entree the choices last night were 4 different pasta dishes,a veal parm and a chicken parm dish then coffee and great italian deserts all home made
                the portions are very large and the deserts are really good
                plus they passed around a few mikes and we sang along with the music and the owner,
                BYOB 2 DINNERS FOR $25.00

                1. re: vinnya

                  Thank you! This sounds like a place to go with a group of people!

        2. it is south of the ivy league on the same side as the ivy league

          1. I was driving by and noticed that they had closed. A breakfast/lunch place is coming soon