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Liver + Onion Lunch?

My DC loves liver and onions . Read in todays Globe that Loch Ober is now closed for lunch.
We live in Cambridge, but anywhere close by would be fine. Any Ideas?

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  1. I'm pretty sure the Busy Bee in Brookline has it on certain days.

    1. It is on the Deluxe Diner's dinner menu [Watertown.] Never eaten it there myself however.

      1. The Locke-Ober lunch closing is sad, another sign o' the times. I'm glad I found a place that does a roast beef hash with poached eggs, Auntie B's in West Roxbury, though it doesn't quite have the same atmosphere.

        I love liver and onions. Some places that routinely have it on the menu: Atasca (Kendall Square), Poppa B's (Dorchester), Aegean (Watertown), El Cafetal (Allston), and the Petit Robert Bistros (though only at dinner).

        1. Two other factors for the closing, from my observation:

          1. Much more competition, especially nearer the office areas.
          2. Much less traffic in Downtown Crossing with Filene's shut.

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            Also the Mt. Vernon Restaurant in Somerville has Liver and Onions. Not bad at all.

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              Good to know! Of course, now I have that finger-snappin' jingle stuck in my head.

          2. For a few years running, Harvest had them on their lunch menu, but I haven't checked recently. Quite tasty.

            1. A couple more dinner liver and onionses: Locke-Ober (pretty amazing, and a deal compared to most of the menu), and Hamersley's Bistro (also fantastic).

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                I noticed Abe & Louie's had it on their lunch menu.

              2. The disclaimer is that I haven't eaten there in years but I used to like the liver and onions at Durgin-Park.

                1. Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore serves calf liver and onions for brunch on the weekends. I went there with 3 other people and of the four dishes ordered my liver and onions was the best; they had great flavor but the liver was a tad dry. I would still recommend it though.