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Jan 23, 2009 03:52 AM

Pigall's to close (Cincy)

Better get there by 2/28/09 of you want to go.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, sad news though it is. I wonder if de Cavel will still be involved with the other restos?

    1. De Cavel will not be affiliated with the other restaurants, and hopefully they'll stop using his name for their own profit.

      1. Truly sad news, and ironic that the closing was announced just after the restaurant received the highest rating of any restaurant in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. First, the Maisonette, and now this.

        1. This is a loss. Of course I feel part of the problem, because I didn't go often. I was surprised to learn in the follow-up article in the Enquirer that diners could order less than the three course meal. I wish I would have known that ... although the three course meal would have been too tempting, once I was there.

          I am thinking about going before it closes. I hope people will post their experiences if they go as well.

          1. I think I read in the Enquirer that the remaining partners plan to re-open in the spring time. I also read somewhere that Jean Robert planned to stay in the area but not be involved with the remaining restaurants in the group, but I'm not clear on details (and probably no one is at this point!)

            Yes, I guess we're part of the problem too because we seldom went there but opted for the more casual Jean Ro's Bistro. Still, I am sad they are closing and I wish all well in their next ventures.