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Jan 23, 2009 03:08 AM

Halal Kebabs?

I'm headed to a potluck Saturday evening, and a friend who's attending only eats Halal meat. I'm happy to accomodate, and since I've signed up to bring kebabs I'm looking for a butcher that has chicken and lamb ones (no beef - also have a Hindu friend who'll be there), that are seasoned/marinated and ready for the BBQ.

I've seen Iqbal Kebabs mentioned on the board, but have never shopped there - would that be a worthwhile place? Or maybe a butcher near Nasr?


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  1. You might want to find out whether your friend has very strict requirements or accepts anything labeled halal. I know a few people who will only eat food from specific places and will not eat anything cooked in a non halal kitchen, while others will eat anything with a label stating halal or, in some cases, kosher.

    You can get halal kebabs all over Toronto, including at supermarkets in some neighbourhoods. Many of the Maple Lodge Farms chicken products and virtually all New Zealand lamb (both available almost everywhere) is halal.

    What is convenient? Iqbal is at Thorncliffe Park. Nasr now has fresh Halal meats. There are butchers on Gerrard, but the stuff doesn't really look nice. There are places along Danforth, Lawrence, etc.

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      Hi Embee - thanks for the reply!

      He's totally fine having halal food cooked in a non-halal kitchen. Good point though, I completely forgot about that. I don't think he'll consume Kosher though.

      Anything in the GTA is relatively convenient. I live in the SLM neighbourhood, but I often shop around Nasr. Typically I'd make my own kebabs but I'm short on time, and if there's a tasty, ready-to-bbq option, I'll travel wherever!

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        You might find frozen ones at the Queens Quay Loblaws. The Carlaw No Frills definitely has a decent halal selection. Also, you will likely find a halal symbol on virtually all New Zealand lamb products and most Maple Leaf processed chicken products. Nasr and Iqbal should be fine for fresh.

      1. Iqbal is convenient and the general traffic/parking situation is probably better than Nasr. I went there recently for lentils and dried beans, but I glanced at the meat counter, and I was impressed: lamb, goat and poultry cut up on the spot, and a busy, clean atmosphere. I didn't see kabobs, but I'm sure they are available.

        Iqbal Kebab
        2 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON M4H, CA

        1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Ended up buying marinated chicken tawook from Nasr and lamb from Iqbal. Both were a big hit.