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Which is best out of these ocean view restaurants??

hi everyone!

okay so I'm the most indecisive person in the world and I don't know which one to choose...
I've been looking for a place that has an ocean view, outdoors/patio dining, with seafood and steak (my bf wants steak and i'm craving for seafood) ! :| is that too much? lol oh and it's for a special date dinner with my boyfriend.

well I've done some research and these are the ones that I've narrowed down to:

- Moonshadows (Malibu)
- The Sunset (Malibu)
- Parkers Lighthouse (Long Beach)
- Kimcaid's (Redondo Beach)

I also looked at the Hideaway Cafe and Steakhouse (Malibu), Blue Water Grill (Redondo or Long Beach), Savannah (Huntington Beach).

If this helps, places that I've been to and loved are Geoffrey's and Charthouse.

THANK YOU to anyone who can help me out! :D

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  1. You might also consider The Lobster - right at the entrance to the Santa Monica pier.

    The Lobster
    1602 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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      2nd the Lobster. Plus you can ride the ferris wheel after dinner...

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          I third. It has a great atmosphere and it has ceiling to floor windows so you can see everything thats going on outside!

      1. Of your Malibu choices I think Geoffrey's is the best in terms of food and ambiance, especially if you're planning a special date.

        1. I would stop stressing about it and go with Moonshadows. It has everything you describe and seek.

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            Many oceanview places are useless after the sun goes down and it gets dark, which occurs pretty early this time of year (not long after 5). At Moonshadows, you still have the sound and feel of the waves right under you, and in chilly weather it is nice to be warm inside. The food there has its ups and downs -- it seems they are always just changing chefs and concepts -- but hopefully you can get a good steak or seafood dish if you keep it simple. Geoffrey's can be gorgeous at a later time of year, and the Lobster is just too touristy for me, with so many tables jammed into its dining area. And if Moonshadows knows how to do anything, it should be able to handle a date night.

          2. Do NOT go to Hide a way, the worst food and service in all of Malibu! Geoffrey's is your best bet again. But Sunset is right on the beach and a huge local hangout. I think you would enjoy it!

            1. If Orange County is not too far...two to consider are:

              1) Montage Hotel in Laguna. There is no hotel in southern CA that has a better ocean view than the Montage. For a formal dinner, the Studio Restaurant is very good, but expensive. We prefer lunch on the deck adjacent to the spa. Wonderful view, good salads and sandwiches at a fraction of the cost of dinner at the Studio.

              2) In an entirely different category, but great fun is the Beachcomber Cafe in Crystal Cove, Newport Beach. The Beachcomber is right on the sand facing the ocean. Very casual, but good (not great) food in a terrific setting. Can't be beat for lunch on a sunny day...or for dinner in the summer.

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                There's a Beachcomber on the Malibu pier as well.

              2. Out of your list I've only been to Kincaid's and Blue Water Grill. I highly DO NOT recommend either. You should shorten that list by taking off those two. =) Well, Blue Water Grill is slightly better than Kincaid's, but that's not saying too much.

                1. In my opinion, unless the moon is shinning bright you can't see anything at night unless your outdoors.

                  But I like both the Montage in Laguna Beach and The Ritz Carlton in Dana Point.

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                    Haven't been to the Ritz-Carlton since they opened their restaurant called something like Restaurant 162'. Has anyone tried it, and how is it?

                    Although the Ritz is in a beautiful setting, the Montage, I think, has a more spectacular setting.

                  2. Based on an entirely different post I was reminded of the currrent name of a restaurant that like Moonshadows sits right on the water called Duke's in Malibu. Have been going there for over 60 years. No more sea lions or seals to feed, but a great view and good food.

                    1. Personally I love the view at Moonshadows, sitting along the glass... its fantastic... the food is good too....

                      I wouldnt do Parkers in Long Beach, the view isnt as good and the food can be dissapointing...

                      Sky Room in LB has a fantastic view of the city.

                      Theres also a restaurant, McKenna's I believe in LB, off the Marina, beautiful views both steak & seafood!

                      1. One "off the wall" idea for you and your boyfriend. Saddle Peak Lodge. It's unique to Los Angeles. It has quite a few nice fish choices and somethings you won't find anywhere else. It is in the Malibu / Santa Monica mountains and has the feeling of being far from a big city. If not this time maybe on another special occasion.


                        1. wooww THANKS TO EVERYONE!
                          I got a lot more responses than expected :D
                          So cross out Parkers Lighthouse, Kimcaid's, Hideaway, and Blue Water Grill...lol

                          I thought about The Lobster but I read in other topics that the food isn't that great?
                          I was also going to choose Beachcomber Cafe but I looked at their menu and they only have one steak entree :T

                          I think I will go with Moonshadows, but also look into the Montage.

                          Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate it!

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                            Just make sure you check your prices at Montage, or the sticker-shock can be a little scary. I've been there with The Woman In The Hat's coterie of fancy-schmancy lawyers, some of whom were actually staying at the hotel for the conference, and even some of them were a little surprised.

                          2. what about the Malibu Sea Lion???

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                              Uh, because it became Duke's about 7 years ago?

                            2. Another to consider, especially for lunch when the view is wonderful, is the First Cabin at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach. This restaurant has a phenomenal view of Newport Harbor with gazillion dollar yachts parked right in front. It is not an ocean view, but is an amazing harbor view. The room is very nice, with an outdoor deck if the weather is nice. The food at lunch is very nice, as is the service. It's pretty formal, but for a special meal with a wonderful view, it is really terrific, and equals my other post on this thread.

                              1. i would say stay away from Geoffry's. the food is only so-so, and very few of their tables actually have good views of the ocean. when we ate their our immediate view in front of us was a bunch of bushes and the red tile roofs of condominiums. also, once the sun sets it's just total darkness unless it's a full moon. so unless you have a VERY early dinner, you're going to pay for a mediocre view of the ocean which won't even be visible for that long. why don't you pack a nice picnic and eat right on the sand?

                                1. Paradise Cove has lots of seating indoors windowside and out right on the sand.....It's fun and romantic .....decent food ... That would be my pick

                                  1. Know this is long after your original post but have you considered the Penthouse @ The Huntley Hotel? Haven't been there myself but Gridskipper mentioned it a few weeks ago re: Ocean View/Fireplace/Outdoor Dining that were under the radar.

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                                      The Penthouse was much more fun when it was Toppers -- now it is just so full of itself. Still a great place for a drink at sunset for the fantastic view, but eat elsewhere. The only positive mention regarding the food there that I've read anywhere was one decent brunch. You are going to pay as much for dinner at The Penthouse as you will for the much better hotel restaurants on the shore just to the south, and Musha is right there, Wilshire is down the street, and even at P.F. Chang's you aren't going to wind up so ripped off.