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Jan 22, 2009 11:34 PM

Finding Bulgaros Cultures for Yogurt?

Anyone know where I can get bulgaros for making yogurt in the Bay Area? Preferably in the East Bay or SF? My grandma used them when she was younger in Mexico, so I'm assuming they might come from a Mexican grocery.

I'm talking about these things:

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  1. A quick search indicated that yogurt can be used as a home yogurt starter. Stonyfield Farms makes a yogurt with L. bulgaricus. If this is what you want these stores that carry this line, Food Mill, Farmer Joes and Whole foods to name a few . Check Stonyfield Farms site for locations near you.

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      Thank you, but I'm completely aware of that. I'm looking specifically for bulgaros, not regular yogurt. It's a cultural thing, not a utilitarian thing.

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        Just trying to expand my culinary literacy. Did you see this link about kefir?

        Scroll to bottom.

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          Thanks. :) There are bulgaros in the area... I occasionally see people mention that they have extra. A friend brought some back from Mexico last year (apparently they let it slip by!) but I wasn't eating any dairy at that point. I guess it might not possible to buy them from a store here, but I'm hoping someone around has a crop!

          Maybe someone will see this post that has them? If anyone does, email me at!

    2. Hello my name is Ana and I have the recipe for blgaros and is made from holy rice, dulce piloncillo (cane sugar) and purified water

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          hi Ana, i'm also trying to find bulgaros. your recipe is like something that my grandma used to make in Costa Rica. Can u email me your recipe to, i live in Florida and have not been able to find bulgaro. Thanks

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Hi, I'd like to buy live BĂșlgaros/Kefir bacteria to make yogurt at home, I live in California can someone tell me where to get them?or if someone can give my a couple of them.

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              I have bulgaros to give away please let me know if you want any @

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                I would like to get some of them. Please let me know if you still have them. Thank you, Mnavas

                1. re: arlethh

                  I would love some bulgaros if u have some for free. Would you need my address

              2. There is a mexican fruit/vege market on El Camino in Redwood City across from the BevMo that sells a tablet that you can use to make cheese. I have not had the time to stop by after work and I can't find the name of it online.