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Please name some late night dining spots in Los Angeles

I usually get off work around 10:30 and want to dine on some decent food. Can you guys suggest any after 11pm dining spots. I'm in Hancock Park. so within 10 miles.

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  1. Any particular cuisine?
    Many places in Chinatown are open late (till 1am and later on the weekends) like Full House Seafood, Hong Kong BBQ (formerly Sam Woo on Broadway), Won Kok (they have dim sum all day and night), May Flower (great house special lobster) and I'm sure a handful of other places. Also free easy street parking at night.

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      anything and everything except Indian Food. My co-workers and I are sick of jsut ordering pizza.

    2. Pacific Dinning Car downtown is open all night for fine dinning. They have great breakfast too.

        1. Just off the top of my head...

          The Kitchen (Silver Lake)
          Jan's coffee shop
          Astro Family Restaurant
          Fred 62
          House of Pies
          101 Coffee Shop

          1. Hancock Park-centric: I love Magnolia for late night dinning, just up the street from you, most of the time still serving at midnight and often later. Also The Hungry Cat goes late. And as others have said Sanamluang for Thai on Hollywood (like the roast duck noodle soup) and 101 Coffee Shop on Franklin by the 101. Also if you want a taco go to Cactus Taco's on Vine and get pastor with avacado. Cafe Was is supposed to be open late but it's been hit and miss. Kitchen 24 is unremarkable.

            1. There's also Bossa Nova on Sunset (decent food, very slow service) and, a little farther west, Koi. I ate at Koi about 5 years ago and was unimpressed, but it's open till 4 a.m. or so.

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              1. Here are a few ethnic places nearby:

                Korean: Hodori Open 24/7 located on Vermont & Olympic. Inexpensive satisfying Korean fast food.
                Japanese: Yabu on Melrose & La Cienega, I believe they stay open until 12. Izakaya style Japanese tapas / moderately priced.
                Thai: Torung Thai on Hollywood & Wilton. Open real late and the food is inexpensive and tasty.
                Persian: Zankou on Sunset & Normandie. Open til 12. Amazing fried chicken!

                Pho: Located on 5th & Western. Sorry but forgot name. Open 24/7. if you want pho, it does the trick. very inexpensive

                1. Riva in Santa Monica as a 10:30 - 12:00 late night menu.

                  It might be largely pizza, but the pizza is pretty great. Mozza-like.