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Jan 22, 2009 09:27 PM

Finally going to Providence

tomorrow night wife and i are going to providence for 32nd anniversary. not horribly adventuresome, we are hesitating at "tasting" menu's. have read most of the previous posts and would like to hear from recent participants. thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Do the Chef's tasting menu. You won't regret it!! enjoy!

    1. I enjoyed the tasting menu but also thought that it was a bit much (Very, very full!)

      I had a great time with the 5-course menu myself. It wasn't too much and everything was DELICIOUS. Might want to go with this instead, you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy everything this way.


      -- burumun

      1. Call them to confirm your reservation and let them know it is your anniversary. Let them know about your hesitations -- whether it be the amount of courses or the ickiness factor of some of the dishes if you shrink from uni, raw or slimy things. I'm sure they will work with you to create a five or more course dinner that will be memorable. Ordering a la carte is not the way to go at Providence, and they will be able to put something together to meet your appetite and tastes many hours in advance rather than on the fly. Call them!

        1. Had recently the chef's tasting and it was a fantastic five hour 12-13 course ride. Highly recommended. I am still surprised that Spago and Providence both have two Michelin stars. Spago is very good but Providence is so much better in terms of creativity and quality.