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Jan 22, 2009 09:14 PM

Fried pickles (spears) and fried pies

My SO and I just returned from a holiday road trip in the South, and he's become obsessed with finding good fried pickles and fried fruit pies in the LA metro area. I searched the LA board, and came up with the following possibilities for fried pickles:

8 oz
The Counter
Beachwood BBQ
Monty's in Woodland Hills
Johhny Rebs'
OC fair (ask for pickles to be fried at Corn Dog booth)

Here's my questions:

--Do any of these places (other than the OC fair) offer fried pickle spears -usually, about a quarter or third of the whole pickle -- rather than chips? In our travels, we never had them served as chips.

--Which of the places have the best food other than the pickles? My sense was that Beachwood BBQ was a clear favorite, but I thought I'd check again.

--Any place in the Los Angeles metro area where you can get fried fruit pies? I checked the desserts on a few of the Southern-style restaurants on the board, but I couldn't seem to find any.



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  1. Beachwood is great for the smoke and Johhny Rebs' is great BBQ (for the sauced type).

    1. Hi Roz,

      I will ask my husband about the fried pies. He was born in Los Angeles and lived there for 48 years.

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      1. re: AngelaE8654

        I am from Los Angeles too, and I am not a picky eater when it comes to pies :)

        1. re: ax8l

          I am from New York and I'm happy to read this!

        2. re: AngelaE8654

          Ever tried Sbarro with their fried pies? It's so delicious. I was born in Los Angeles too.

        3. The L.A. fair has the fried pickle spears you seek...and they are quite tasty!

          1. Lucille's BBQ has fried pickle spears.

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            1. re: huaqiao

              Lucille's are pretty tasty - served with an a nice mayo-based dipping sauce.

              1. re: stopurmakingmehungry

                Yes. Just had them the other day. The Lucille's that was the express, on Chapman and Lewis across from the Glassed-In Godbotherers, is now a full-on Lucille's and has the pickles.

            2. Fried pickle spears? Sounds * ack * However it intrigues me so I might try it.