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Fried pickles (spears) and fried pies

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My SO and I just returned from a holiday road trip in the South, and he's become obsessed with finding good fried pickles and fried fruit pies in the LA metro area. I searched the LA board, and came up with the following possibilities for fried pickles:

8 oz
The Counter
Beachwood BBQ
Monty's in Woodland Hills
Johhny Rebs'
OC fair (ask for pickles to be fried at Corn Dog booth)

Here's my questions:

--Do any of these places (other than the OC fair) offer fried pickle spears -usually, about a quarter or third of the whole pickle -- rather than chips? In our travels, we never had them served as chips.

--Which of the places have the best food other than the pickles? My sense was that Beachwood BBQ was a clear favorite, but I thought I'd check again.

--Any place in the Los Angeles metro area where you can get fried fruit pies? I checked the desserts on a few of the Southern-style restaurants on the board, but I couldn't seem to find any.



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  1. Beachwood is great for the smoke and Johhny Rebs' is great BBQ (for the sauced type).

    1. Hi Roz,

      I will ask my husband about the fried pies. He was born in Los Angeles and lived there for 48 years.

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        I am from Los Angeles too, and I am not a picky eater when it comes to pies :)

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          I am from New York and I'm happy to read this!

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          Ever tried Sbarro with their fried pies? It's so delicious. I was born in Los Angeles too.

        3. The L.A. fair has the fried pickle spears you seek...and they are quite tasty!

          1. Lucille's BBQ has fried pickle spears.

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              Lucille's are pretty tasty - served with an a nice mayo-based dipping sauce.

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                Yes. Just had them the other day. The Lucille's that was the express, on Chapman and Lewis across from the Glassed-In Godbotherers, is now a full-on Lucille's and has the pickles.

            2. Fried pickle spears? Sounds * ack * However it intrigues me so I might try it.

              1. My recollection is that Monty's serves good sized spears and they were really good.

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                1. I first tried fried pickles in Kansas City, and they were, in fact, chips, and not spears. They have fried pickles at Alondra Hot Wings, though I have not tried them. And I don't know if they are chips or spears.

                  1. No need to check, Beachwood BBQ is the best!

                    1. thanks for this recipe

                      1. The Umami Burger at the Grove has very good fried pickle spears. I don't know if the other locations have them on the menu as well.