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Jan 22, 2009 07:46 PM

Parts for cuisinart

I have a Cuisinart DLC-7 Pro food processor that is probably 25 years old. It still works beautifully, and I don't want to replace it. The problem is that after dropping the cover of the work bowl, the little part that interlocks the lid so the motor will work has broken off. Is there a reliable source where I can find replacement parts? The websites I checked claim I need to buy several different parts (lid, chute, etc), and one site sells the whole contraption for around $100. There must be a better way!

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  1. I have the same model, I think I bought it in 1980 or '81. It still works beautifully. As for parts, try the Gourmet Depot, 840 Folsom St., San Francisco - 415-362-7195 or 1-800-424-6783. They have parts for a lot of older appliances, things that no one else has. I can't tell you how many of my older things they have brought back to life. They know their stock and are very helpful. They will ship to you if you are not near S.F.

    Good luck - I know that I would hate to have to buy a new one. Mine has a 28 year warranty, while the new ones are only three years. Tells you something about the quality of the newer products :-(

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        That's the wrong link address; it takes you to a "parked"" website.
        Culinary Parts Unlimited, at has merged with Gourmet Depot, so the correct URL is

      2. I don't think you're going to find separately a "little part" like a plastic rod or a spring that's an integral part of the work bowl or a lid , but this place was the most comprehensive source for parts when I was looking recently for machines of similar age. Unfortunately, it is sometimes cheaper to replace old appliances than to replace parts.

        1. I had the same problem about 8 years ago and ended up buying a new food processor, the same size. As you say, it's not a simple matter of just buying one replacement part as the configuration of the interlocking bowl & cover have changed, so I needed to buy both (don't recall whether I needed a new pusher too). I kept the old base, as the bottom of the new bowl will fit into it, and all of my old blades; hopefully the next time something breaks in the new one it will be a duplicate of what I kept. I did notice when I bought the new one that the motor seemed much more powerful; don't know if the old one had slowed down over time (seems doubtful as I don't use it all that much) or if the new one is more powerful.

          1. Thanks, all, for your replies. I'll try the places you recommended, as well as the Cuisinart company itself (why didn't I think of that before??) I really hope that I can find the parts, since the processor works so well, and I don't believe that the new ones are quite as well-made.

            I know that I can always count on this community of like-minded food lovers for help!

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              Please let us know how this worked out, and what you found where.

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                Actually, I didn't bother replacing the bowl. I didn't feel like spending $100 for a new bowl and associated parts, considering what dscheit said below. I did look on eBay, and still occasionally check it, but as yet haven't found anything there.

                I have been using an old Black and Decker food processor. When my SO moved in, we merged 2 well-stocked kitchens. I went through all of our stuff, and divided it into an "A" group, which went into daily use, and a "B" group, which we stored away to use as fill-ins or extras. His old B&D processor just got promoted into the "A" list. For the record, it's lousy, and if I can't find the parts for my Cuisinart soon, I'll probably buy a new one.

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                  If your Cuisinart motor was made in France or Japan -- check the bottom or the back -- it's worth buying a new bowl for it.

            2. Nope. they changed the design of lid and feed chute. You'll have to buy a new bowl and lids. As a bonus, some of the fixed blade slicing blades don't work with the new style (well, it's 20 years old at this point, so not really new...) lid. As an added added bonus, it doesn't work as well, either. Doesn't slice as evenly, won't slice all of the bits.