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Jan 22, 2009 07:27 PM

wedding reception in Baltimore

I know this is a bit off-topic, but I'm looking for a place to hold a wedding reception for about 150 people (preferably in Mount Vernon). We would like to avoid event halls/hotel ballrooms if possible and have tossed around the idea of having it in a restaurant. The number of guests limits us with this idea, however. Does anyone have any suggestions, either for caterers or venues? For background, I love the food at Bicycle and Abacrombie, like the ambiance at b bistro or Salt or Faidley's...

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  1. Try the Brass Elephant. I had my reception there and everything was awesome! The food was great, the ambiance is perfect for a wedding and you can have cocktail hour upstairs in the Tusk lounge. Every single person at the our wedding loved it. Ask for Jolanta!

    1. It definitely is dependent upon your budget. There are all sorts of options around town if you are willing to pay for it. Some non-restaurant, non-ballroom ideas would be the Aquarium or Camden Yards. For restaurants, we looked into Brewer's Art and Gertrude's for our wedding.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. We're too big for Brewer's Art and Gertrude's, unfortunately; I love the space at Brewer's Art particularly. I might look into their catering service. Any other catering suggestions? I've heard good things about the Brass Elephant and Sascha's, wanted to look into Dogwood, and then there are loads of places that aren't connected with restaurants and so I don't know much about them...

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          We got married and had our reception at The Walters Art Museum. Everyone really loved it. You can do just a reception there. We also used Linwoods for catering and it was some of the best catering I have ever tasted. Neither are cheap but they're worth it. You can also do a reception of that size at the Peabody Library which is beautiful.

        2. so, what did you decide? i'm in a similar situation now, and you and i have very similar tastes. we love gertrudes, but we might be too large of a party. . . please share! :)

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            I got married at the Belvedere. Great food great atmosphere. You can call and have a free tasting (which is actually a huge meal with alcohol).

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              2nd the Belvedere. There are a few rooms to choose from too. A couple on the bottom and Upstairs as well!! Neat Place.