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Jan 22, 2009 06:58 PM

where to take a visitor from China?

She is staying with us for the weekend, and wants to try different foods (ie African, middle Eastern). She is also curious about the restaurants in Chinatown. Any recs? Thanks in advance!

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  1. what part of China is she from? Most restaurants in Chinatown are of Cantonese origin. Although the best Chinese are found in the burbs.

    Most popular African in the city would be Ethiopian, opinions vary, do a search. Their national dish is Kitfo.

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      forgot, 93 harbord does middle eastern in a more refined setting than typical of middle eastern food in the city.

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        I'd like to second the Ethopian suggestion.

        Or somewhere like a Jamie Kennedy to try some local canadian cuisine.

      2. Take them to Caplansky's for a smoked meat sandwich

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          I would take them somewhere for a killer burger in a nice setting.

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            Or a Peameal Bacon on a Bun at St Lawrence Market....ask for fried onions to be added. In downtown Chinatown, Lee Garden is an example of good Chinese food favored by a more Western palate, whereas Chinese Traditional Buns is an example of mainland China cultural tastes (NE China)....the two restaurants will give your visitor a contrasting spectrum of Chinese food in Canada.

          2. Pearl Harbourfront has a great view of the harbour and islands and more upscale food than found in Chinatown. Tho why anyone from China would want to check out Chinese restaurants here confuses me. Like you going to Hong Kong and looking for donut shops.

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              i personally feel that cultural interpretations of cuisines is actually quite fascinating. mcdonalds being a good all around pick for that. every country i visit i like to drop into one if only to check out their menu and see what they do differently or offer otherwise. at mcdonalds i've found kronenburg and a mccafe selling macarons, japan had 4 meat sandwiches and shrimp patties, when i was really young i was surprised that in the US they got biscuits even though that makes a lot of sense, germany had the famed royale, etc etc...

              you don't have to eat there or even eat a lot, but it's really quite interesting to see what they do to make it their own. or how they cope with the availability of ingredients on hand. sometimes you get interesting results like hk style western dishes.

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                I'm Chinese, if I travel to say Cuba and see a Chinese restaurant, I'd go and try it, just to see what they've done to "my" cuisine. Or, if I'm told a Chinese resto in Monaco servers great food, I'd try it too if I'm there, because I want to know if it's true. Wouldn't you be curious too if a restaurant in Bangkok is selling Canadian peameal bacon sandwiches?

                Of course this is assuming I have lots to time to try other cuisine.

              2. Let us know what part of town you're staying in and that will help narrow it down. As for pure, old school North American, take her to the Senator Diner ( for pancakes and sausages.