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Jan 22, 2009 06:46 PM

Tools of the Trade Belgique cookware

Macy's has a really good price on this cookware right now. I have learned that it is "their" brand, and there are some good reviews about it - mostly on the Macy's website.

Anybody have first hand experience with it? I want to get rid of my non stick.

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  1. my mom has some tools of the trade stuff. I'm not sure if it's Belgique or not (they are nonstick pieces.) Anyway, they're functional, but they aren't my favorite pieces in the kitchen.

    1. Tools of the Trade was my first set of cookware about 30 years ago. It is functional. I have graduated to All Clad and a few pieces of Le Creuset. If you can, buy better cookware on sale a few pieces at a time instead of the Tools of the Trade. You'll be happier in the end. A good place to purchase All Clad reasonably if that happens to interest you is

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        I'm with BelleJo, don't buy a set, especially from Macys, figure out what kind of cooking you want to do and add it a piece at a time. A good saute pan is a good place to start.

      2. I have had 4 pieces of belgique cookware since 1986- my first yr out of college. I love these pots and pans! they are still in GREAT condition. I received 2 large soup pots in 1990 as a gift- use them all the time and again; still in GREAT condition. 2 weeks ago I threw out some old teflon pans... and bought 5 new pieces of belgique cookware- 3 teflon fry pans-- one of which I have been using every night since; and stove grill pan. I love, love, love my old stuff, and love, love, love even more, my new ones! That grill pan is amazing- just like cooking outside only on your stove top! The taste of the food is fantastic; fat/ grease drains away. Cant wait to try more recipes on this pan in particular.

        1. I bought a set of Belgique in 1996 and am still using it. I bought it on the recommendation of one cooking friend and didn't do any other research at the time. I hadn't heard of All-Clad at that point -- I wish I had that instead. I'm not crazy about it, but it isn't bad enough (and I don't make enough money) to toss it and start anew. It's necessary to wash it with Barkeeper's Friend to keep it from getting this weird blue coloring on it. You could do worse than Belgique, but you could do better too.

          1. I don't know. All I can say is that I had Tools of Trade knives and they are really cheap and really horrible.