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Jan 22, 2009 05:48 PM

good cheap lunch in hartsdale??

hello all i recently started a job over by the best buy in hartsdale, and am curious as to what lunch options there are around (i'm thinking not many). for one, i am (still) on a student budget (about $5-10, $10 being on the high end of the scale). second, i only have a half hour lunch break, so these 2 things will limit me a great deal i'm sure. i go to ruth's on occasion, i love golden krust for their patties, but they seem to have gotten kinda expensive over the years. city limits i like, but they can be pricey. i really like cafe flores, the little mexican spot behind mariachi loco, but a vegetarian torta is like $8 or 9, and that is just ridiculous, esp w/ no meat! i still have yet to hit the japanese spot over by the 4 corners, and i imagine they have decent sushi for a good price. also, how is kalbi house for lunch? i have never been there, but i see they have lunch specials. any thoughts or recommendations? thanks a bunch, my stomach (and wallet) thank you!

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  1. Try Yaranoush - just down the street a few blocks, It's got lots of Middle Eastern goodies and prepared foods. No seating (not the last time I checked), but a good place for takeout, and not too expensive.

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      ahhh yaranoush, i forgot about them! funny thing too i told a customer about them not that long ago...i will go this week and see what goodies are to be had. and thanks selhal for your suggestions too; i actually am working at tj's, so i need to branch out every now and again if ya know what i mean. still tho, w/ our discount, you won't find a better salad around for less than $5, that's for sure!

    2. Trader Joe in the same shopping center as Best Buy has inexpensive sandwiches and salads. Morton Williams in the next shopping center has a hot bar that is inexpensive. Pay by the pound. They also make sandwiches. I think they have seating. Dantes on Central across from TJ Max has delicious sandwiches and paninis but no seating.

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        I agree with Dantes and Yaranoush as nice for the stomach and wallet. Also I like Mariachi Loco (in the small set of stores next to TJ Maxx and across from Dantes) for inexpensive tacos (for me, the al pastor and the chorizo), tortas and batidos. Its nto the best mexican but its solid, inexpensive and convenient

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          bloombee, i haven't been to mariachi loco in years, but i remember always getting decent food there. since you like mexican though, you should give cafe flores a whirl, literally right behind mariachi on cross street (it's a weird location for a business that's for sure). they have a very extensive menu, and i have always gotten good food there. i had the gorditas recently, and while they are not a hard item to make, they were delicious and the salsa verde really stood out. some stuff may be a bit pricey, but i think it's worth it!