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Jan 22, 2009 04:48 PM

chocolate peanut butter cake

I'm thinking of trying this smittenkitchen recipe to bring to a dinner this Saturday, providing I have some time tomorrow night.

Here's the link:

If I'm really pressed for time, I might try this quick Emeril pie, using really good hot fudge from an ice cream place nearby as a topping.

Has anyone tried either, or do you have a tried-and-true dark chocolate peanut butter dessert that you love?

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  1. while i can't vouch for it personally, i've heard *wonderful* things about that chocolate sour cream cake with peanut butter frosting (the recipe is originally from the cookbook "Sky High: Irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes"). if you have the time and the motivation to make it, i'm SURE it will be a huge hit.

    the Emeril recipe will obviously be much less labor intensive/ time-consuming, and the reviews on the FN website are positive.

    1. Try this one bear:

      I made this one last month for a birthday and it worked out really well. It's very rich and the ganache helps seal the cake to make it last long if you don't finish it up right away. It also wasn't hard to make the cake look like the picture. I used more dark chocolate and some semisweet, plus I reduced the sugar and we found it sweet enough.

      1. I don't have a real recipe for this since I put it together from a few other places, but this PB&C fan loves this one. It can and has been multiplied at will.

        I use a 2-layer Devil's Food-style cake recipe that came to me from my friend's husband's Missouri farm grandma. In between and on top I use a peanut butter frosting that's basically just PB, butter, confectioners' sugar and vanilla. Oddly, that's the part that came from the "famous pastry chef" cookbook.

        It's rather homestyle-looking, but if you'd like a dressier dessert, you can smooth the frosting with a large palette knife and either pipe a shell or star border of chocolate frosting and/or drizzle with melted chocolate. You can also make small chocolate peanut clusters to decorate with.

        The SmittenKitchen photos look delicious. I just have a personal thing against cream cheese frostings. To me, cream cheese belongs on a bagel or in a cheesecake and that's about it. Just my personal prejudice.

        1. A family and friend favorite is peanut butter tandy cake. It is the easiest cake I make and while traditionally made with milk chocolate I am sure you could use a good dark chocolate bar (eating not baking bar). You can find the recipe on many sites. The attached link does not specify the size of the bars but I usually use a total of 6 to 7 ounces.

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            Inspired by the Tasty Kakes old favorite - yum. All these recipes are sending me over the edge. I love the chocolate/peanut butter combo!!!

          2. I have made Ina's chocolate cake with her separate peanut butter frosting (which her cookbook serves on cupcakes, but which doubled was plenty for generous filling and frosting). The frosting tastes like the filling of Reese's Pieces - just awesome.