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Jan 22, 2009 04:18 PM

The Pleasure is Mine in Mill Valley

I recently went for lunch at the Pleasure is Mine at the Harbor Point Tennis Club in Mill Valley (it's in the Tennis Club, but open to the public). I went because I found out the owner, Cheryl, donates weekly meals for an after school program for low-income kids in Marin City that a friend runs.

Now, to be honest, I would personally patronize this restaurant for this reason alone, because with so many restaurants out there, I'd just assume feel good about handing over my money.

But I wouldn't post to Chowhound, unless the food had been good...and it was! This place is great--the ambiance inside the restaurant is kind of typical neighborhood tennis club...definitely nothing to write home about. BUT it has a terrific view of the water, a nice deck (open for dining in the summer) and really good food, especially for the price.

I had an Ahi Salad, which is something you can get at a lot of places around town. But this one had a *big* helping of really good seared ahi over Tat-Soi microgreens, with a delicious dressing. The price was great for the portion size. I also had a pretty luxurious warm chocolate something-something for dessert.

It's not a trendy place or a "hot spot" but I'm kind of over that stuff anyway. If you like good food at a decent price and knowing you're giving your money to good people, go check out The Pleasure is Mine and say hi to Cheryl, if she's there!

The Pleasure is Mine at Harbor Point
475 East Strawberry Drive, Mill Valley

The Pleasure Is Mine Harbor Point
475 E Strawberry Dr, Mill Valley, CA 94941

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of PIM - we used to go there when it was located in the "industrial" part of San Rafael - a purple palace. They used to have daily specials that ran endlessly -- I recall good eats there. I'll have to drop by and say hi to Cheryl and revisit my favorite specials!

    1. Sounds great. The website says they're only open weekends... is that so?

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        Well, I have hope. Business hours say Wed-Fri but under the lunch menu, it says weekends. WIll call them!


      2. Hi,
        the pleasure is mine is open for dinner thursday and friday evenings from 5:30 pm. they also have special event day & evening openings likesuper bowl sunday and valentine's day saturday where there are special pricing and menus. hope this helps.

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          I think a lot of folks are "over it" so thanks much for the tip in my nabe.

        2. They're moving to San Rafael. I emailed the owner to ask if they were open to the public as a restaurant after having a very good group-of-60-people lunch there yesterday. The owner wrote back:

          Yes we were open to the public, however we are moving to a new location in San Rafael for our restaurant & catering company. We were given notice that the family that owns the facility wishes to run it. Please feel free to check out our website www.thepleasureismine.com and follow our updates. We should be posting information about our new location in the months to come.