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Detroit for Final Four - Diners, Dives, etc......(re-do)

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I posted asking for "Diners, dives, holes-in-the-wall".........a few days ago........
Now I know why I'm going to Detroit....it was a surprise that has been leaked!
So, please send suggestions that are more or less in the area of the Ford Field in Detroit.

Thanks for all the other tips! Will try and hit as many as possible and report back!

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  1. here is a post from last year's regional final at ford field, which includes my run down of places located near people mover stations.


    note that the buzz bar, the woodward, and the rhino have closed

    1. This place is very close to FF, it's gotten some mixed reviews but the menu looks like fun

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      1. re: coney with everything

        Definitely would not call Angelina's a diner, a dive, or a hole in the wall. It's a moderate-to-high end Italian restaurant.

        The Elwood, the little Art Deco diner right by Ford Field, is not bad. For some unusual food, try the Bucharest, which is in the Park Bar at 2040 Park Ave. at Elizabeth, a block west of Woodward. They've got Romanian sandwiches, which you can order from the Park Bar too (I think). These are strong and garlicky (and cheap). The "schwarma" is not the same as Middle Eastern shawarma. Not to everyone's taste, but they're unusual, and I personally like 'em.

        Many of the bars in downtown Detroit would qualify as dives, and the food is generally above average. A couple of ideas: burgers at the Checker Bar on Congress, fish or other specials at Sweetwater, 400 E. Congress (has shuttle service).

        For a good monster sandwich at lunch, hit Eph's on Woodward, just north of Congress (sign is a big pickle).

        1. re: Jim M

          "Definitely would not call Angelina's a diner, a dive, or a hole in the wall. It's a moderate-to-high end Italian restaurant. "

          I know but I figured it was so close that it might be worth a mention

      2. ate at two great places over the weekend when we were in town for the auto show.

        Slows Bar-B-Q in Detroit and The Fly Trap in Ferndale.

        http://midmichigandining.com/2009/01/... <---Slows review

        http://midmichigandining.com/2009/01/... <--Fly Trap reiew