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Jan 22, 2009 03:49 PM

Whole Foods Coffees

Are there any good medium roast whole bean Whole Foods brand coffees?

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  1. my husband and I really like Pleasent Morning Buzz, it is reasonably priced and it is a hearty coffee without the being strong like you would find in an Italian Roast.

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      I tried their PMB coffee, but I went back to the brown bag 8 O'clock.

    2. In the bins where you can buy beans in bulk, they have a Mexican bean that is very good. Added bonus: they roast these in house at some locations, so they can be very fresh.

      1. The Whole Foods around DC carry locally roasted coffee beans, like Misha's and Swing's. Do other Whole Foods stores around the country do the same? I've found they're worth the extra couple bucks over the WF house brands.

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          There are lots of locally roasted beans available at my area Whole Foods locations (my faves are Rao's and George Howell terrior), in addition to many (10-15? More? ) varieties that WF roasts in-house which are available in bulk bins by the pound. There are also many national indie roaster varieties. Such a luxury to have these choices and the prices are not bad either, especially if you take advantage of specials.

        2. I started drinking coffee at age 6 when my grandfather poured some in a saucer for me to try. I loved it. That was more than 50 years ago. I have tried too many coffees to count. The absolute best is Whole Foods Organic Italian Roast. Organic coffees' tastes are not affected by the chemicals of non organics. I grind two coffee scoops for 7 seconds for a french press. This makes 12oz of perfection. Pour water that has boiled, but is not boiling, so as not to burn the mix. Place your french press on the carafe and press it half way down, submerging all the mix that has risen in the pour. Let it stand for exactly 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Press mix to the bottom. Pour the perfect beverage into a cup that has been warmed by pouring some of the boiled water into it after pouring into the press. Heaven
          2nd best is Community brand coffee and chicory which is used in many of the hotel restaurants in New Orleans. Coffee should be a ritual. Enjoy

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