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Jan 22, 2009 03:35 PM

My two Staub Cocottes have pits...normal???

I purchased a 5q and an 8q round oven from two different sources and they both came out of the box with a few little pits in the enameled outer layer. They are small (pin head) sized pits and at first I wasn't worried, but now I am second guessing myself. I've already used them so I cannot return them...should I just ride it out and see about a warranty issue later if it comes to that? Maybe someone else has noticed this on their cocottes? I'm a dentist so I fear that my attention to detail is just too heightened and hopefully this is a variation of normal and no problem!

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  1. I think they are referred to as pin holes. All these pots have a little something or other which Staub says is part of the process of making them and is not considered a defect. They are mostly cosmetic. They only time you might have to worry is if goes down to the base metal where you can get rusting in that spot. Dry them by heating after you wash them, and just to be safe place a dab of oil on those spots. That will season it there after a few uses if they do go deep. I'm not sure the oil can get in there though.

    I doubt that Staub will do anything unless they cause rust as they consider it part of the manufacturing process and state that slight flaws are to be expected. If it makes you feel better, Le Creuset has them too.

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      That makes me feel better...thanks blondelle!

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        You're very welcome. Here's a video of your cocottes being made. It takes an entire day to make one pot and you can see all the hand work. It's amazing more doesn't go wrong with these ;-).

    2. A little off hand but is your staub from the line they made for QVC(staub elite, white interior?), Or is it their normal line of cocettes(black interior?). I am trying to figure out whether to go with a Staub, LC, or a Emile Henry.

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        I got the black interior, NOT the QVC Staub. Love my Staubs but I have nothing to compare them to!

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          They are wonderful pots! I have a number of them and have a small cocotte that stays on my stove and gets daily use from my husband and myself. It has a pinhole but that has never presented a problem in the four years I've owned it--and I give it no special treatment or seasoning. The thing has taken a licking and still looks like new!
          Enjoy your pots! They'll serve you well for years to come.
          I've begun collecting some of their specialty pots--If you like mussels and clams as much as I do, I recommend getting their mussel pot. There's simply nothing like it for making and serving steamed shellfish! (It's quite a conversation piece, too! )