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Black Radishes?

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My winter CSA share that I picked up today included black radishes. The farm hands didn't really have much insight into how to eat them; one suggestion was sliced thin in sandwiches.

Anyone have any experience with these? They are shaped like a regular red radish but are bigger, about the size of a tangerine, and are black. I don't know what color the flesh is.


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  1. Black radish, apple & escarole salad....black radish chips...mashed black radishes

    The flesh is white and they can be eaten raw or cooked like turnips...Yummmmmy

    1. Grate them, mix with olive oil and ground black pepper.

      1. The flesh is white and, as others have said, they are more like turnips than radishes. I tried to use them in a salad from Art of Simple food when it was COTM that called for radishes and was sorry I did. Blech. Maybe our farmer grew them too large or something, but they didn't have a nice bite like "normal" radishes and they were very woody.

        Unfortuntely, I haven't been able to bring myself to eat the rest of my black radishes, so, they are just slowly rotting in my fridge, which probably doesn't help the cause any.


        1. Do you have access to rendered chicken fat? Heat the schmaltz to liquify it, put it into a pitcher of some sort, and let it cool to room temp. Shred the radishes, mix with some grated onion, salt and pepper, and pour the liquiified schmaltz over. Toss to coat. Great alone, better to use as a topping for an open-faced chopped chicken liver sandwich on good Jewish rye bread. You might do well to make an appointment with your cardiologist first...

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            That "recipe" brings me right back to my childhood. I can remember my grandfather grating the radish in front of an open window. What a treat that was!

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              Second this delicious prep. I grew up eating this and make it myself when I manage to find some black radishes. As was pointed out by Deenso, if you're not a chopped liver fan just pile the shredded radish mixture on some good jewish rye...

              The last time I made this I was out of shmaltz, so I used extra virgin olive instead. Much to my surprise it was great...

            2. Wow, I didn't know other people ate them. They make me think of my Dad who loves them so much and can never get them and so has resorted to growing them himself. Then he packs them into boxes with sand so he can eat them all winter. He's pretty old and quite foggy, but one surefire phone conversation is to discuss the crop, how they're keeping, whether the most recent one was crisp or woody. He eats them on bread with lots of butter and salt. For breakfast. Every day.

              1. I love Black Radishes. They are less tangy and more woody than many red radishes though. Treat them like Daikon and use them the same way - stirfried, steamed with other veg, etc.

                1. I have a fantastic recipe for black radishes. My mother went ape shit when she saw them at the farmers market as she said in russia these are used all the time and she has never seen them here. I was skeptical but when I tried this salad it was fantastic. These black radishes are bigger in size and the bigger ones are easier to peel. My mother would peel the black skin off. In a bowl, grate the radishes, chop or mince green scallion, grate a carrot and dice fresh cucumber...mix together with sour cream (not mayo). If you want more of a spicy tang then less carrot and cucumber, if its too spicy then more carrot and cucumber. She uses this salad as a side dish, on bread and crackers too as an appetizer.

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                    That sounds divine! I sliced them and ate them on toasted wheat bread with mayo and thinly sliced celery. Really nice, light and refreshing.

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                      Thanks for the recipe! I found your blog after my CSA box had some black radishes in it. I added a few ingredients that I had sitting around and my kids love it. Here's what I did:
                      4 black radishes, peeled and shredded
                      1 large carrot, peeled and shredded
                      1 cucumber, peeled and shredded
                      1/2 bunch chives (I didn't have scallions), chopped
                      sour cream to coat
                      1/4 c sunflower seeds
                      1/4 c raisins
                      mild cheddar cheese, shredded
                      Directions: Mix the veggies, toss with sour cream. Add sunflower seeds and raisins to taste, then top with cheese.
                      It was SO yummy! My husband recommended green apples to bring it one step closer to a Black Radish/Waldorf salad.

                    2. Radish sandwiches: Peel, grate, if it's too hot, rinse and squeeze dry. Spread mayo on multi grain bread, put on grated radish and optional lettuce or chopped parsley. Cut into small triangles.

                      1. I discovered a couple years back that I LOVE sauteed radishes. They turn sweet-ish and are really great sauteed with onions and radish greens for a delicious side of veggies.

                        I'm SO excited about CSA season starting soon for me. I am adding more recipes to my CSA Meal Planner: http://mealplanner.eatrealgood.com

                        1. Exactly the same way you eat red or white (daikon) radishes.

                          I pickled 6 pints of daikon last night.

                          1. OK, Black Radish is the staple of football season!! When football starts Black Radish comes into season. What we have done since I was a child is, take Black Radish, Peel, Grate, Finely chop sweet onion, add pepper, garlic salt, any oil, and mix. Refrigerate 1 hr and serve on a saltine cracker. Drink beer and repeat!!

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                              Black radishes are my new favorite root-veggie to bake or braise (in the crockpot) with roasts. They bake up with a delicious half-starchy/half-sweet flavor, with a bright touch of radishy heat. The challenge is to find them really fresh (most people don't know how to fix them, so they tend to languish in those bins under the supermarket vegetable shelves for too long, and they get woody and squishy). Come spring, I will certainly try them grated in salads, but right now, I am just loving them as a turnip substitute in beef stew, roasted root veggie bakes, etc. So delicious!

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                                I grew up in an immigrant Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn. My family being immigrants from Italy would exchange food ideas with them. The one way I enjoyed the Black radishes was very plain but so good. We would grate them in scrambled eggs with salt and pepper and eat them on a bagel. Oy Vey!

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                                  Yikes! Sudden flashback! My mother used to serve black radishes peeled and sliced, sprinkled with salt and served with soup. I know - weird - but that's what they did. My Hungarian/Romanian/Jewish parents loved them. I haven't even thought about them for years. Will have to buy one next time I see them.

                            2. My CSA was offering these last week and these are great suggestions! Any more?