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Jan 22, 2009 03:17 PM

Good eats in Greenville, SC?

DCer here going to be in Greenville for business for a few days, staying near the Haywood Mall. I'll have a car, but don't want to drive much more than 30 minutes or so.

I like almost any kind of cuisine, but especially either more adventurous contemporary or authentic/ethnic cuisine. I wouldn't object to some really good BBQ (any sauce suits me) either!

Thx for any advice guys!!

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  1. Not sure of the address, but there is "The Peddler" steak house in Greenville. They were franchises years ago, but this is about the only I know that still exists. It's a throw-back to the days when a good steak was affordable and not all the hype of Ruth's and Morton's. The owners are good people and work in the place.

    1. wow...hard ones!

      adventurous contemporary: MAYBE American Grocery, but it 's really more of the now-common, seasonal/farm driven/expensive category.

      authentic/ethnic: Las Tortas Meras is authentic Mexican, a hole in the wall, and a fairly long haul from Haywood road (White Horse and 253).

      Pita House is authentic (to the best of my knowledge) Mediterranean.

      Pho Noodleville on Haywood Rd - pretty good pho

      Most people will send you to Henry's for BBQ. It's just OK in my book, but probably is the best in Greenville. Avoid Smoke on the WAter.

      If sushi works , go to Murasake at Cherrydale and sit at the bar. If you can talk the tall skinny chef into making you omakase, you'll get the closest thing to "adventurous" I have found in Greenville.

      Oh...there's a place on Haywood Rd called the Peppermill that I had been shunning for years as an overpriced, white tablecloth, crappy food dinosaur. But I went there for business-drinks the other day and got some scallop appetizer and they were GREAT scallops. I keep meaning to go back. I can't vouch for anything else there.

      one more thing...3 exits down from Haywood is Woodruff, take a right off 385 and after a couple of lights you'll see Whole Foods on your left. It doesn't fall in either of your categories, but the pizza is the best in town and next door is an Americanized Pan-asian regional chain called Doc CHey that is not great, but decent.

      good luck, let me know if you need specifics, or directions

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        Danna, do you think Whole Foods pizza is better than Two Guys or Tito's? If so, I really need to try it

        1. re: McPhee

          Two Guys in Simpsonville? It's been a long time since I've been there, but I remember I liked it. So long ago , though , I can't compare. Tito's on Pleasantburg? I haven't had that it so long I can't even comment on it. Perhaps I should get out more, huh?

          If you're a pizza fan, have you been up to Flat Rock Village Bakery? Totally different style of pie, but very good, IMO.

      2. Definitely try the Pita House. It doesn't look like much, but the food and the experience are great.

        1. Agreed about Pita House - great food.

          I think Bucky's BBQ is better than Henry's - Bucky's is located on Roper Mountain Road, which wouldn't be a bad drive for you.

          Chops Cajun Foods on Pelham - authentic N'awlins cuisine, including boudin, frog legs, etc - very good. Several LA natives that I know swear by its authenticity. Small shop, with take out options and a few tables.

          Saskatoons on Haywood has "adventurous" like ostrich, elk and other wild game. Never been, not a big meat eater, but some people like it.

          I'm guessing Whole Foods is the same as the whole foods near you.

          La Cubanita on Broad (downtown) is very good, authentic cuban, but they were taking a few weeks for a vacation and I'm not sure if they are back yet. They make their bread in house, which is VERY good, but daily specials shouldn't be missed either.

          1. Dexeroux's near Main St. for fine dining. It is the best.
            Brown Street Jazz for good times, steak,drinks and music. 1 block off main st
            Pita House for a great lunch. Pleasantburg Dr
            BBQ at Buckey's on Roper Mtn. Road is the best I have ever eaten. He is a real American success story.
            Two Chefs at Pelham and Hwy is an Awesome lunch.

            All of these places are within 6 minutes of Heyward Rd.