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Jan 22, 2009 02:39 PM

Seven-Layer Cake in Mercer County?

A friend of mine needs to find a good bakery that sells a seven-layer cake (the larger the better) for a party she's having. Mendoker's only makes them in 8-inch rounds and is not flexible on cake and frosting flavors.
Anything of good quality in the Bordentown/Trenton/Princeton environs?

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  1. Bakers Treat in Flemington makes a layer cake with so many layers, I can't imagine how they ever cut it.

    1. I don't know if the Italian People's Bakery in Trenton does special orders any more. I know a long time ago they did wedding cakes. Nice bakery though.

      1. Maybe try Swiss Bakery on Route 1? My mother swears by the place, though I have heard they are not consistent. I've always liked the stuff there. Eet Gud (I'm pretty sure that's how it's spelled) in Hamilton is another one that my family has gone to frequently. I usually just stop at Wegmans, but I don't know if they have 7-layer cakes.

        1. The Village Bakery in Lawrenceville is a wonderful old fashioned bakery in the European tradition. The owner/baker is willing to work with her customers. I don't know if she does 7 layer cakes but it's worth a phone call. I just had a birthday cake from her that was excellent.

          Village Bakery
          2 Gordon Ave, Lawrenceville, NJ

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            The Americana Diner in East Windsor (on Route 130 just north of 571) serves seven-layer cake. They have redone (i.e. slimmed down) their baking operations recently, but they might still bake and sell a whole cake. You'd have to contact them to be sure.

          2. I like Nino's on Quakerbridge Rd. 609-586-3535, Italian People's Bakery stinks, Wegman's is very good. I haven't been to Swiss Bakery Deli since they sold. Eet Gud is ok. Lawrenceville Bakery is expensive.