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Jan 22, 2009 02:23 PM

First Hand Reports on Bistro Jeanty Since Bauer's Awful Review

Could anyone who has dined at Bistro Jeanty since Michael Bauer's awful review, please elaborate on their experience? Thanks!

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  1. I KNOW you asked for first hand reports, but I was discussing Bistro Jeanty at the bar and Brix tonight. They were all locals and have dined regularily at BJ before and after review. They didn't think much of the review and thought BJ was as good as ever. Chatting with these people, they liked the same restaurants as I did and for many of the same reasons. So fwiw, I thought I'd pass it on to you. If you go, hope you report back.

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      Thanks for your solitary response to my question! I thought that Chowhounds might have been intimidated by MB and his review. My wife and I had lunch at Bistro Jeanty on Valentine's Day and it was just as good as the many times I had dined there over the years. The menu was interesting, the food and service were very good and all things considered, the price was dreasonable. I'd recommend it without hesitation.

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        What did you have that you would recommend?

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          I had a starter of the rabbit pate and the entree of veal kidneys in a light mustard sauce. My wife had the signature tomato soup with the lovely crust top and the beet salad. We shared a tart tatin for dessert. We each ordered a glass of wine (I'm sorry, I can't recall which) from the adequate and reasonably priced list. Everything was spot on and I would recommend all of it!

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            My standby favorites are the spicy tomato soup with puff pastry crust and the steak tartare (order extra toast points). Enjoy

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          Bistro Jeanty
          6510 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

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            1. Bauer's review didn't touch my favorable feelings about BJ's, but then the place, food-wise at least, has always been mediocre, occasionally tapping into the high end of the mediocre scale - but only occasionally. Atmosphere is great, with a small intimate bar staffed by very attentive/knowledgeable/fun/professional bartenders, and the dining tables definitely score on achieving that bistro-esque feel. In the end though, if it wasn't for that damn tomato soup, I wouldn't care less about eating there.

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                Bistro Jeantys food is pretty much the same as it has been from the beginning. I enjoy it, Ive eaten there probably 40plus times. I do understand where MB is coming from when he says its the same as it really has not changed much at all the menu etc and is resting on itts laurels. However for someone who has not been there I would not at all try and discouage them from visiting especially if they are not able to get or acquainted with some classic french bistro food.