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Jan 22, 2009 02:19 PM

Haggis - London

Can anyone recommend a good supplier of Haggis (preferably reasonably priced and in South London)

also, any one know a recipe for a sauce to go with it?

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  1. A Macsween haggis is a safe enough bet I think. They regularly come near the top in tastings and are fairly easy to find. Waitrose carry them.

    As for a sauce I would go for a thinnish dark meat gravy/jus. From a packet (!!!) Cross & Blackwell produce a Madeira wine gravy which would be a decent base. Too much sauce would just turn a plate of haggis, mash and neeps into a mess, however. I personally don't care for the dram of whisky which some people pour over haggis. Best kept for drinking.

    1. We got our Macsweegans veggie haggis from Waitrose yesterday. They have small veggie ones and small and large meat ones.

      I usually dont bother with sauce for it (I dont recall ever getting sauce with back home in Scotland) - just lots of neeps and tatties.

      Happy Burns night :)

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        BTW the haggis we got is Macsween's also - no idea why I spelt it wrong - was at work and should've been working rather than browing on here!

        Good luck with your haggis search!

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          If you're still looking, GG Sparks (an organic butcher) in Blackheath had them.

      2. The original comment has been removed