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Jan 22, 2009 01:35 PM

where can i buy black sesame ice cream in markham

any supermarkets in markham selling black sesame ice cream? thanks.

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  1. I know they sell it at Ozawa at East Beaver Creek.

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    1. re: professor plum

      thank you! i've been on the hunt for this as well :)

      i've been resorting to getting black sesame ice cream from asijen ramen "to go" at warden/steeles when i need a fix :P

      1. re: professor plum

        Called Ozawa and the lady said they don't carry it anymore... :-(

        1. re: shir

          how about J town at Steeles and woodbine? would they carry it there?

          1. re: Asuran

            I did call J-town and they do not carry as well.

      2. Wow, I tried this recently and was blown away by it. Anyone know where to find it downtown? (other than at a restaurant)