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Jan 22, 2009 01:29 PM

What to do w/ Fresh Strawberries?

It's strawberry season around these parts, so I am committed to conjuring up some new strawberry dishes. What are some favorites that are not short cake?

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  1. Have you ever tried a Strawberry Soup? My Dad used to make this just by pureeing the berries and then adding a bit of cream, but I've seen recipes that use yogurt or sour cream and other spices for flavorings

    1. We often add fresh strawberries to a green salad; great with a balsamic dressing.
      If you puree the fruit the choices are endless.
      Strawberry muffins, puree over poundcake, swirled in yogurt, hot cereal, etc.

      I recently had fresh berries in scrambled eggs and it was delicious.

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        One of my favorite salads is baby spinach, sliced strawberries, and toasted walnuts. Dress with a walnut oil-based emulsion, or even Newman's Sesame Ginger dressing.

      2. We like to eat them (and eat them and eat them) dipped in marscapone mixed with honey - cool whip for grown-ups!

        1. I've always loved strawberries macerated in sugar and a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. Let sit for a half hour or so and serve over good vanilla ice cream. So good.

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            macerated with balsamic and freshly ground black pepper!

          2. I can't wait for this year's trip to Plant City for some strawberry goodness. I like to slice them and pair them with yogurt, maybe sliced banana, add some Kashi- so good. Also great on pancakes, french toast, toss into the magic bullet when it's smoothie time. I've made fruit salsa with them and a few other diced fruits-serve with cinnamon pita chips (cute when you plate it with a dollop of sweetened yogurt like a pile of nachos). I'll need this post when I run out of ideas myself!

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              hey boccone dolce, what's the word on the freeze down there? did you see my strawberries and tomatoes thread? i hope the strawberry festival works out for all!

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                There's some blossom damage and the final totals aren't in, but it looks like in most areas the dangers were averted through the sprinklers.