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Jan 22, 2009 01:22 PM

where to get lamb merguez

i haven't been able to find them anywhere in toronto. I've seen pork versions but not lamb. anyone know?

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  1. Pork merguez? Considering merguez has its origins in Muslim countries, this seems insane to me.

    SLM North, those sausage makers against the east wall have a nice one, spicy. But a bit thick, IMO. Loblaws have a version that is the appropriate size, but for some reason I only ever see mild ones so I haven't tried them. But I am searching for merguez to match what I was used to sourcing in Montreal, so curious to hear what others have found.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      i know pork is weird. i dont know how they could call it merguez but they did.. montreal has great merguez. what is IMO?

      1. re: childofthestorm

        The mild loblaws version is ridiculous. What's the point? And it doesn't taste very good.

        There's a pretty good version of lamb merguez, fresh in vac pac, at Scheffler's deli in the SLM. They're the thin ones you're accustomed to and I enjoy them. About 6 or so for $8 bucks. They're in the cooler at the front of the place, where all the terrines are.

      2. Thuet does them. I've bought them at the Liberty Village location.

        1. The Loblaw's version is really bland. I believe Oliffe sells them and Hartman's Kosher Meats has both hot and mild varieties.

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            I've bought them at Oliffe as well as Cumbrae and the sausage guy (can't remember the name - along the west side) in SLM south. All good. Last summer, I had a really simple dish at Torito with sliced grilled merguez, cherry tomatoes, sweet onion and one other veg I think - really tasty combination, fyi.

          2. The Big Carrot sells them quite regularly, though not everyday. You might want to call them before heading over.

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            1. re: DishyDiva

              Big Carrot version was nothing special.

            2. Schefflers in SLM often has them and they are fantastic.