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Jan 22, 2009 01:16 PM

cheap silpat in SEA?

I have various silicone tools and vessels, and I find the very cheap ones to be every bit as good as the expensive fancy ones. One thing I don't have that I would like is a silpat. Anyone seen them cheap? I was at City Kitchens (I know, expensive store!) the other day and they had one for $47. Yow. Wondering if they've been spotted cheap at Target, maybe Biz Costco, a restaurant supply store? I'd like to get a couple of them so I can custom cut one down to fit in my toaster oven too.

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  1. City Kitchens is actually a pretty reasonably priced store compared to, say, Sur La Table - but Amazon has better prices on silpat mats than any retail store I've seen. (And hey, they are local after all...)

    1. You might check Fred Meyer. I vaguely remember seeing them there in the $20 range, but no promises.

      1. when Costco gets them it's a 2 pack. Can't remember, but a great deal and I remember thinking that I needed to pick it up.

        1. You might look at other brands, too--you can't cut Silpats b/c of the fiberglass mesh sandwiched between the silicone. Both the cookware stores in the Pike Place Market (Sur La Table and the one behind the Creamery in the Sanitary Market) have coated silicone sheets that can be cut to any size or shape.

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            Oh yeah, it does not have to be Silpat brand, just a silicone flexible sheet that goes on top of another flat hard thing, like a cookie sheet. That place behind the Creamery has notoriously good prices.

          2. The restaurant supply store up on Aurora typically has them for ~$20.