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Ginban Asian Bistro, Mamroneck

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Another fusion place has opened on mamaroneck avenue. I know from the previous postings that the county is being over run with Asian restaurants but you should consider visiting Ginban. Surprising it was so good based on how far Asian Tempation has dropped in quality since opening (same owner).
A friend's suggestion pointed us to make a visit. Last night, the three of us dined there and it was very good.
The place is decorated very nicely with a bar in the middle of the room and the sushi bar in the back; four sushi chefs man the bar. As I said, we were three so we took a table on the other side of the bar (see through glass bar).
the better half had gyoza and blocked sushi of salmon and tuna on a sushi block of cooked lobster meat and rice. It was so good she wouldn't allow me to have a taste.
Our 25 year old daughter, who is very picky, had a fusion roll of crabmeat tempora with salmon and black caviar in and on the roll. served with a very mild chilly spicy sauce. For the fusion, she order the general cho's chicken; the best general cho's chicken we have ever sampled; only chicken lightly fried with a crispy bread coating served in a wonton basket; no sauce. just great.
I orderd the Curry Seafood soup, the black cod appetizer size (as good as Nobu's) and the sashimi regular. Excellent fish. The only problem is that it was served on a bowl of rice with the blue light. The fish gets colder while you eat; I prefer sushi closer to room tempature. (fresh wasbi on all the sushi dishes).
no dessert as we were too full.
cocktails were fair and was charged a dollar extra for the olive in my martini (wonder what i would have been charged extra for a "dirty" martini)
the menu has many selections and one other good thing, they will deliver take out to White Plains.
we will be going back.

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  1. I wish our experience was the same. We went for dinner last night. The sushi my DH said was good but the cooked food left much to be desired. We started with scallion pancakes, miso soupand a salad. The soup was ok--different with lots of mushrooms, the pancakes were strangely sweet. We didn't eat them and the manager kindly took them off the bill. The salad was swimming in dressing but ok. We had chicken with szechuan peppercorn sauce and tofu teriyaki. We were disappointed because we used to enjoy Asian Temptation. I thought the wait staff here was much better trained but the food was not as good.

    1. I went there for lunch, and while it wasn't bad, I wasn't impressed enough to return. It's indistinguishable from all the other Asian fusion places in the area.