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Jan 22, 2009 12:16 PM

NAIT Area Dining Edmonton

I'll be in Edmonton for a few days staying near NAIT (I'll have my truck with me so can drive) and I'd like some suggestions for dining (I'll be having one lunch and two dinners). I've read about Ernest's at NAIT and that's one option I'm considering. I'm dining alone so I'm not looking for anything like a romantic setting but I'd love to hit an off the beaten track kinda place aka no boring chains. Anything goes for food style, I'm completely open minded, just want good food.


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  1. One place that is farily close (north side of downtown) is the Blue Nile -10875 98 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2P6 (780) 757-9296‎ Wonderful Ethiopian food.

    I love Los Comales (Central American) .
    10824 97 Street ,Edmonton, AB T5H 2M3 Phone: (780) 423-1213

    Lots of Restos downtown and the area. Blue Pear is amazing food, not cheap.

    1. There is a really great restaurant called El Rancho 11810 - 87 Street, it is Mexican and Salvadorean...excellant pupusas . Or I would try Uncle Ed's perogy house, totally casual but will fill that Ukranian food craving

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, El Rancho looks awesome but I'll be up there on Monday-Tuesday and that's the exact same days they are closed :( Might be able to wrangle getting something to go on Wed lunch though...

        Los Comales looks good, never had Guatemalan food yet.

        Just noticed that I'll be there when Fork Fest is on. So far Red Ox, The Dish and Wild Tangerine all look interesting, any comments on them?

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          Red Ox is across the river and up Connors Hill Rd. so it is a bit of a drive but well worth it. If you use the search function on this site, you will find a number of very positive reviews.

          I have not been to the Dish in awhile but when I worked in the area I had a number of good lunches there. Remember their green beans ... not something I particularly like ...being very good as they remained crisp in a tangy vinaigrette. Nice casual, friendly style and service.

          I have been to visit Wilson and Judy at Wild Tangerine in too long as well. I will have to check their web-site to see if the menu has changed but I sure enjoyed their tempura shrimp screwers with a wasabi influences sauce and the octopus salad.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            I agree with Bob Mac. Check for days that the restos are closed. I am afraid that you may be out of luck with Red Ox tho, they tend to book up quite quick for this event.

            i really enjoy Wild Tangerine, but I am not convinced that there menu is worth the $35 per person. They are much more casual than the ones offering that level of menu.

            We went to Culina Highlands last night and there dishes were enjoyable, not unbelievable but good comfort food. the beef stroganoff was tomato based braised beef with mushrooms served over spaezel.

            1. re: cleopatra999

              I was surprised Wild Tangerine was at the $35 price point as well.

              Some friends and I went to The Dish for Fork Fest on Monday, and my sis in law posted a review and pictures of everything all four of us had on our website ( ). I know I'm pimpin', but seeing pictures is really helpful for me.

              Red Ox was great too (I won't link that one since there are no pics).

        2. I'm not sure if this will fit your bill, but I'd recommend Louisiana Purchase for some Cajun or Creole cooking in a laid-back atmosphere. On the north side of downtown, it wouldn't be far for you at all. Their menus are online for you to take a peek at:

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            OMG, never even thought that Edmonton would have an authentic Cajun/Creole place. We used to have a really good one here in Calgary about 15 years ago that had an awesome gator stew amd I've been having a hankering for Cajun ever since. I might have to visit it for lunch AND dinner.


            1. re: slingshotz

              I keep forgetting about Lousiana Purcahse..just got back from NOLA last month and I am craving some alligator (which by the way you can buy at Fin's in Sherwood Park and we do on occassion make our own etoufee.

              Red Ox - never had a bad meal but as posted above, it is very small and very busy.

              Wild Tangerine - split opinion at our house. I think it is overpriced, overhyped and never delivers. We have eaten there a few times.We tried their take home frozen pizza (they have an outlet beside Zenari's in Manulife) and disliked every kind except the bison (which was awesome BTW). Spouse loves the place but I think would say it is overpriced.

              Wildflower Grill is a great place for good food. Not cheap, some say it is expensive, but I think it is worth every penny. It isin the Matrix hotel on the south side of the downtown.

              I still like the Pradera in the Westin, but it is slowly dying I think.

              My two cents

              1. re: slingshotz

                You're welcome! I'm glad I thought to suggest it. I love the 'gator kebab. We go there occasionally for jambalaya special nights (monday and tuesday, I believe) and always enjoy it. Last month they had some amazing oysters as well. Also, the beef tournedos are fantastic. Enjoy.