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Jan 22, 2009 12:06 PM

Jerusalem Pita & Grill, Brookline

Drats. I was excited when this place finally opened (there's only so much sushi or so many burritos a girl can eat) as I live basically across the street. However, the review on Yelp wasn't very promising. Any CH's been there yet?

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  1. I think I'm holding off on this place until I hear what others say about it. By the way, I believe that Jerusalem Pita is in the spot where Tsunami used to be before they moved(?)

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Yep. That's right. So, now we've got middle eastern (2 places?), sushi (uh, dozens of them it seems), pizza (two off the top of my head), Indian, Thai (2), bagels (3) and sandwiches galore. And yet....Coolidge Corner eating is a total snooze-fest. Thank god for WST, Taberna, La Morra, Pomodoro and others.

      1. re: mbasnack

        Don't forget Shawarma King, which does a good falafel, and there are two Indian places, aren't there?

        1. re: pamalamb

          I agree. CC needs a good bar with good food, at moderate prices. Something like Audubon, Coda, or Silvertone. I enjoy the variety of ethnic restaurants, but I desperately want an alternative (not a huge Clubhouse fan)!

          1. re: drewames03

            Not really moderately priced but Lineage has a great bar and tasty food.

            They have a $1 oyster happy hour special, too.

    2. I stopped by on Monday, January 19th for lunch and here's what I thought.

      The good:

      The hummus was very good and had a lot of flavor (garlic) and a nice texture.
      The staff was friendly

      The not so good:

      The prices I thought were quite high for what you got. I had the chicken shawarma sandwich and my wife had the Jerusalem kebab, which is ground lamb with some seasonings. The sandwiches were served in very small pitas (about 4 inch in diameter) and cost $10 a piece. There wasn't a whole lot in the little pita and we were both pretty hungry afterwards.

      They haven't worked out the kinks of running a restaurant. It wasn't too busy, but a lot of people who were there long before we were were not receiving their food. One woman leaned over and told us that she had been waiting 45 minutes on her falafel sandwich after reminding the waitress several times about it. Finally, she told them forget it and left.

      It took a good 40 minutes to receive our sandwiches and 20 minutes for them to get us the check after reminding them a couple of times. We were overcharged for one of the sandwiches so that took more time to settle.

      Based on our experience, we probably won't be back . I say that if you are in the mood for Israeli food just head to Rami's up the street. They're just as pricey, but I think that it's tastier and their sandwiches are larger.

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      1. re: Chrispy75

        tried them about two weeks ago. i won't focus on the general issues, of which there were several but which will, hopefully, be worked out in time. but i will say that the chicken shawarma tasted more like baked-until-dry strips of chicken than like shawarma. i think i'll try them again eventually, but so far i'm pretty disappointed. i don't really like the shawarma at rami's either (i go for the falafels), but i think their sandwiches are better overall, at least based on this single experience at jerusalem pita.

        1. re: Chrispy75

          Are they kosher? That might account for the high meat sandwich prices....

          1. re: galleygirl

            They are kosher, but my shawarma sandwich was 4" in diameter and contained about 4-5 thin slices of chicken. Being kosher is no excuse for such high prices, so little food and not much flavor.

            1. re: Chrispy75

              I know that, YOU know that, but it seems to be an excuse for high prices and less than stellar quality in many kosher restaurants....

        2. my experience there was good, there were a lot of people and the food was really good, the price was resonable for kosher meat, and the portion size was good, (shawarma) I saw someone who had a plate of skewer meat and it looked a little small, but everything else looked good. I was told the falafel is really good too, and after talking to staff that they have had unsteady employees and havn't worked out all the kinks in the opperation, I'm sure it will be running smoothly in due time