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Jan 22, 2009 11:56 AM

Sunday morning near 48th and Broadway

A very old friend of mine and her college age son will be in town and between music auditions (his) on Sunday, 2/1. They will be at 48th and Broadway area around 11 and we are going to meet up for a not-too-expensive but (hopefully) decent meal. Open to any type of food. Any thoughts on someplace not too touristy and not too long of a wait on a Sunday morning would be welcome.

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  1. Grab a bite at Toloache. Great Mexican restaurant on 50th btw 8th and Broadway.

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      Is that place still there? I would actually tell the OP not to go there since it's pretty overpriced.

      Try Vinyl. It's like an upscale diner with amazing turkey meatloaf. On 52nd and 9th I believe.

      There's GREAT blintzes and corned beef sandwiches at the EDISON hotel restaurant. on 48th and Bway

      Plenty of pub food around within walking distance.

      There's the Palm on 50th b/w bway and 8th, along with great sushi at Natsumi.

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        I've had brunch (huaraches were particularly good) and dinner at Toloache and found the food very good and prices perfectly reasonable. The OP can check out the menu at

        Vinyl is fun; Roberto Passon on 50th and 9th is good Italian and moderately priced (just check prices on any specials - sometimes they're out of line with the rest of the menu).

    2. Marseille. No wait if you reserve on

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        All sound good! I forgot about Vinyl which has a range of options so that might be good. WIll also check out the other suggestions. Thanks all!