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Jan 22, 2009 11:46 AM

Salmon Arm


anyone know of a good place to eat within the city of Salmon Arm?


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  1. The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant was quite good; we haven't been for a a couple of years.

    Our fave place is Home Restaurant, which is behind the McDonalds and near Hanna and Hanna Orchards. Really good diner food and fantastic pies.

    1. Not in town and not even open now but the resto at Salmon Arm Golf Club has some excellent fresh food and is just a few kms off the trans canada. On my journeys b/w Whistler and Calgary during the summer it's a place I always stop by to relax before the journey continues.

      I did stay at the Prestige Inn once and their pub I wouldn't head back too. Everything seemed str8 from freezer to deep fryer and tasted like cardboard.

      1. The last time I was there (I think May 2006) there was a really good restaurant on the south side of the highway up on the hill, a little east of the main part of Salmon Arm - a converted house with a beautiful enclosed veranda where we sat, I think it was greek or italian, great food, very reasonable, highly recommended by the locals. I think it was called Mino's.

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          You're right it's Mino's and it has it's good days and it's terrible days not unlike most small town greek restaurants... but it's one of the few non-fast food choices in Salmon Arm.