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Jan 22, 2009 11:22 AM

Resources for Beer Pairing Menu

Hello Beer Forum,

I'm putting together a small party for the superbowl and would like to do a simple beer pairing menu...maybe 4 small plates each with a beer to accompany it. Does anyone have a good reference or website where one can review an extensive (or even varied) list of foods and beers that would compliment? I'm gleaning bits and pieces from here and there but cannot seem to find a comprehensive reference. (Maybe because it's not available?)


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  1. The Samuel Adams website has a pretty nice food pairing site, and works "both ways" - pick a beer style or pick a food. Since SA has quite a few beer styles (with some notable exceptions like IPA and many Belgian styles), it a good start.

    1. I'd seek out a copy of Garrett Oliver's "Brewmaster's Table". It's an indispensable reference for food/beer pairing.

      1. Thanks - both are excellent suggestions! I'll definitely use the Samuel Adams website and have ordered Oliver's book from!!

        1. HLE, if you can get your hands on the June 08 issue of Food & Wine mag (library maybe?), there's a wine pairing vs. beer pairing throwdown that's super informative. I know that's obscure, but I found it really helpful!

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            At least some of that article and the face-off over a few dishes can be found here:

          2. 'He said Beer, She said Wine', by Sam Calagione & Marnie Old is pretty good. (imo)

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              I wasn't really crazy about that book - a case of style over substance. I realize Brewmaster's Table may not target the same audience, but in general it's a far better book (more comprehensive, better organized, I find myself agreeing more on matters of taste, and it's not full of annoying graphics).

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                I haven't read Brewmasters Table, but I'll definately check it out. 'What to Eat, With what you Drink' by Dornenburg & Page is a great book as well, But I think it's more about wine pairings.