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Jan 22, 2009 10:56 AM

Good Veg options with meat for me?

I'm taking out a friend tonight who is a veg, and doesn't like mushrooms! I thought fressen but would like meat options for myself if possible. I want a decent place....mains around 20-25 bux. any suggestions?

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  1. I'm not sure if Oliver & Bonacini Café is out of your way, but they've got this Metropolitan platter with falafels and other stuff that was really filling for me.

    I'd recommend their portobello mushroom burger, but your friend doesn't like mushrooms.

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    1. re: ChocoCheeks

      too far....darn...besides falafels are boring for veggies....

    2. Pizzeria Libretto has great salads and veggie pizzas. I've heard it's not as crazy busy as it has been. I don't know if they cook the meat and veg on separate surfaces, tho.

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      1. re: ChalkBoy

        I thought about Libretto, long as it more quiet than the last time i was there ;). Haha i just mentioned them in another post about BYOW.

      2. Utopia Cafe and Grill on College has great meat and veg burger options and drool-worthy sweet potato fries. I can't say it's anymore quiet than Pizzeria Libretto tho. Cute joint.

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        1. re: muito

          not crazy about the food there. used to like the burgers, but found the food has gone downhill in the past 5 years...

        2. 93 Harbord offers respectable veggie tagines as well as meat dishes. Any decent Indian or Ethiopian is a great meat/veggie compromise.