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Jan 22, 2009 10:54 AM

Source for Bulk Spices and Herbs in Providence Area

Is there a place in the Providence area which sells herbs and/or spices in bulk? I am really missing my natural foods store in Illinois with the bulk spice bins, and Stop & Shop definitely does not cut it.

Thanks! Here's hoping....

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  1. Can't help with bins, but:

    Price Rite in Eagle Square has big bags of spices and chiles in the Hispanic aisle;

    Not Just Spice on hope has good deals on spices used in Indian cooking.

    Shores Market on Mineral Spring in North Providence has a house brand of spices that is far cheaper than most supermarkets.

    There is also a Middle Eastern market on Mineral Spring

    1. whole foods sells pre packed unlabeled spices at a good price.also check the latin section @local market the Bahia brand is pretty cheap,and they sell lots of stuff in little 59 cent bags.our local szeabra store,in bristol,also stores in fall river and swansea have a big diplay of bahia products.

      1. Bulk spices are ot a good buy unless you use tons of them if you need to buy freeze some they will supress the oils in them. i use about 120 different spices a lot come from over seas in contact paper they peel off like tape. Good Luck.

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          Thanks, actually I am looking for bulk spices primarily so that I can purchase very tiny amounts of certain spices (and not have to purchase them online ideally). I have a habit of rather variable cooking interests and very little freezer space.

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          1. Drive to lexington mass, about an hour north of Providence and go to the Penzey Spice store. Solves all your problems.

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