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Jan 22, 2009 10:41 AM

Frank's Oyster House (Seattle)

This place has all the ingredients for a satisfying evening out: interesting decor, cool & funky music played at just the right sound level, thoughtful service, and killer food.

We ordered an assortment of small plates:

- A dozen oysters of assorted types: They've got the best oyster presentation I've seen in Seattle served on an oblong tray sculptured from ice. It's very cool, practical and effective. We chose the bloody mary granita to accompany the oysters and it was perfect - a tobasco-ey icy accompaniment to the delicious oysters.

- Beef tartare: the standout dish of the night! The tartare was perfectly seasoned and presented with three toasts for the spread. We swooned and savored every bite. This is the dish that will keep us coming back again and again.

- House made potato chips: these are oh so perfectly done, thin and crispy, not the least bit greasy, and served with a dillweed dipping sauce. Home run!

- Clam fritters: these were our least favorite dish. The fritters are shaped like small hush puppies and I couldn't see any bits of clam in the dough, yet they had an unmistakably fishy smell. They're not terrible, but the other dishes are so good I wouldn't bother with ordering these again.

- Butter lettuce salad: 3 generous wedges of butter lettuce with green goddess dressing, thick chunks of bacon and several large sundried tomato slivers. If you like very rich (not light) salads, this one's for you.

- Our drinks: vodka martinis. They don't stock Grey Goose (huh?) but they make delicious Ketel One martinis with a thick slick of shaved ice floating on top. And the martini glasses are thankfully not oversized, so I could actually recall all the dishes we ordered that evening after the cocktail.

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  1. Good to hear that you liked it. I live in the neighborhood and was planning on going on Friday. I'm hoping that it's burger is good, I'm looking for a neighborhood place to go when I'm in the mood for a burger and a drink or glass of wine.

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      I bumped into a friend when I was there last night and she said that she and her hubby absolutely love their burger.

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          Here's the location:

          Frank's Oyster House & Champagne Parlor
          2616 NE 55th, Seattle, WA 98105

          1. re: frygirl

            I like the menu and the concept. Sorry to hear the razor clams were dissapointing. Oysters and champagne in this economy? Give them credit for chutzpah.

      1. We made it there last night. Here is what we ordered, arranged from most to least favorite:

        deviled eggs
        beef tartare
        ruby salad
        chips & feta dip
        clam fritters

        The fries and chips would have been crisper with two fryings. We enjoyed all the dishes, and the clam fritters were the least favorite by far. The cocktails were interesting, though slow to arrive on the bartender's first night.

        1. I made it in Friday night and was pretty impressed. I was a big fan of the wine list. Anytime there is a Muscadet and a Cru Beaujolais on the wine by the glass list, I get very happy.

          I had the burger, which was very good. I ordered it medium rare, and that's exactly what I got, which is something that happens pretty infrequently. The fries were only okay. They were well seasoned and tasty, but they could have been crisper.

          We also had a selection of all their oysters (the olympias were our favorite) with the bloody marry granita. I thought that was a perfect accompaniment to the oysters, as it didn't overpower them.

          Finally we had the deviled eggs (very good, but in the end it is just a deviled egg).

          Why wife had the cheddar biscuits with the kurabota ham. And they were divine. She also had the bibb letuce wedge, which was very good. She had a cocktail as well which she really enjoyed.

          The only downside I could give to the place is that we didn't make a reservation, so we had to sit in the bar. And they got slammed pretty hard while we were there with the entire bar area and the restaurant full of people. So some of the drinks came out a little slow.

          I'm still really happy that this place is in my neighborhood.

          1. Seattle got the best seafood hands down

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            1. re: mrchowmeins

              For a "seafood" house, their entree menu is decidedly meat heavy.

              1. re: GreenLakeDave

                They don't claim to be a seafood house. They are an "oyster house and champagne bar"

                1. re: frygirl

                  All the pre-opening hype I read said they'd be specializing in seafood. Guess you can't believe everything you read. :(