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Jan 22, 2009 10:20 AM

Stone Rose?

I am meeting a friend at Stone Rose in the Time Warner building. I searched Chowhound - very few posts - especially considering its location. I am not looking for a "great" dining experience. Meeting a friend, looking for a place to sit, talk, drink and nosh. However, I also hate wasting money and calories on bad food (I'm OK with average, but don't want bad) - so if anyone has experienced Stone Rose I'd love to hear your impressions - if you have other suggestions in the area that would be appreciated also.

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  1. I can't begin to describe how much I detest this place. About a month ago, I went there with two friends and sat at the empty bar. We wanted to sit at one of the many booths, but we were told that they were all reserved (at five o'clock on tuesday? please give me a break) It took us about fifteen minutes to get the bartenders attention (despite being the only people there), and then after placing our order, it took another twenty minutes for her to make the drinks. The three drinks themselves were undrinkably sweet, and when we voiced our displeasure to the bartender, she could care less. At this point I really didnt want to cause a scene and just wanted to leave, so I paid the bill (50 bucks for three drinks), and walked out, leaving the three full drinks at the bar.

    If you're looking for good wine and small bites in the Time Warner Building check out Clo Wines. If you just wantsome great drinks, you're best bet is the lounge at Per Se.

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      I agree: Stone Rose is not a place to go if you want to have an enjoyable evening. Loud, absolutely lousy service. The drink prices are ridiculous, etc usThe bartendes are pretty but rude. I can think of numerous places to spend the exorbitant drink prices other than at Stone Rose. If you want to have an enjoyable time, go upstairs to the lobby lounge at the Mandarin Oriental, spend the same money, and have a much better overall experience.

    2. My one and only experience there wasn't nearly as bad. Is the place pretentious? Sure is. And I feel like if you aren't there to "work the scene" (or watch other people do it) it's not worth it.

      But, the view was lovely and we had great service. Though, we were seated at a booth. But, all of our drink orders were delivered promptly. They are pricier than where I usually go, but I was prepared for that given the vibe of the place.

      Only thing we ate were some sliders. Which I have to say were pretty good. Though, I didn't pay for them - they were sent over by some (pretentious) folks at a neighboring table.

      But I am going to gladly check out quizkiddonniesmith's rec of Clo the next time Im in the area!

      1. cocktails and finger foods...view is nice...

        1. You can always hit the bar at Landmarc - great wines and food is definitely a notch above average.

          1. I agree with the post recommending Landmarc's bar as a much better place to meet and talk over food. Stone Rose is perfect for those who have nothing but money to spend on bottle service delivered by aloof staff.