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Jan 22, 2009 08:18 AM

Looking for a Sifter...

I'm looking for a sifter for my mom. She's got one of those with the squeeze handles and they just are terrible. Hands are cramping and mom is not happy.

Does anyone know where I can find those old-time sifters with the crank handle?


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    1. I found mine at a Homegoods store (marshall's ).. but it's hit or miss there (albeit everything in all of the marshall's, tjmaxx, and homegoods stores is 15% off today only -- so it might be worth a look.).

      1. I wanted to mention to you about the Oxo sifter. You just gently move it side to side and it sifts. I searched "sifter" on Amazon and they have this. I also noticed that Amazon has some battery powered models, too.

        1. I got rid of my sifter with the crank handle because it sprayed flour all over everytime one of the flanges comes up from the flour. It always made a mess. I have a squeeze handle, which I prefer, but I also bought this neat little model that sifts the flour directly into an attached bowl. It has a crank handle, but it works much better than the other one I had.

          1. i use a tamis. It looks like a cake pan with a screen bottom. You can just put it over a bowl and use a spatula in a back and forth motion and sift right into the bowl.

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              Yes, but then you need a BIG bowl -- at least for the tamis I have!

              1. re: roxlet

                Mine is not more than 9" in diameter. My mixing bowls are larger.