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Jan 22, 2009 08:08 AM

Top Chef 5 - Picks for Top Three?

Here's how I see the chefs...

Top Three
1. Stefan - He's the one to beat.
Pros: Has solid skill and the "take command" attitude.
Cons: Can't work with others... at times food seems boring and safe

2. Fabio - a good chef and food looks appealing.
Maybe I'm buying into the Team Euro hype?

3. Jaime - Good skills seem, but has some two big misses in elimination challenges. Another plus, stands up to Stefan.

Middle tier:
4. Jeff - has skills but seems discombobulated where his dishes lack the finishing touch to put him over the top.

5. Hosea - I'm not sure about this guy. Claims to specialize in seafood, but his one elimination challenge win was for pork loin. Also, he's the one that tried to pass off horrible canned crab.

Bottom tier:
6. Leah - Won a few quickfires, but terrible in elimination challenges.... Needs to be given direction, can't seem to work on her own.

7. Carla - has become the pastry chef of the show... I don't remember her last savory dish.

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  1. Going to have to disagree on Fabio being in the Top 3. I'd move Hosea up there - but ONLY if Leah finally gets a Size 11 up the butt and she's kicked out of the kitchen. Hosea's stuff just seems more interesting that Fabio's. Fabio's broken English charm will only get him so far, IMO.

    I'd love to see Jeff up there, but agree with the discombobulation. But who knows - if he gets a win under his belt (next week?) he might settle down as Jamie did.

    And I think the "con" you listed for Stefan re: not playing well with others *might* come back to bite him in the ass if he makes it to the finale, when they get to pick former cheftestants as sous chefs.

    And I'm just way too obsessed with this show. ;-)

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      My Top Three

      Stephan is full of himself, but he is confident in his food ...agree that he can't work with others... at times food seems a bit boring …plus I didn’t like his comment “If I don’t win, they might as well call it Top Cook, because I am the Top Chef”

      Fabio does make food look appealing and I like his style, I really want to try the olives he did in the very beginning... but from scenes form the next one, he my step over the line with the guest judge, we'll see!

      Jaime, Yes very confident with her food, but a sore loser reminds me of Lisa from last year

      Other Chefs...
      Jeff is so eager to impress over thinks his foods, I mean look at the Amuse Bouche Breakfast Challenge. He could be really good!

      Hosea, well he really hasn’t impressed me much, remember the pork he won the elimination challenge for the 12 days, all the chefs pitched into that one. And who serves canned crab when you specialty is suppose to be seafood.

      Leah hasn’t shown too much talent lately, at first I liked her, but now? I mean who under cooks cod, it’s a forgiving fish!

      Carla is great at pastry – nothing more.

      And yes, LindaWhit, I am also way to obsessed with the show!

      Jeff, Jaime, Hosea and Carla were spotted in NOLA for the finale.

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      1. re: edible complex

        And that means nothing - as I said in that thread, they seem to bring the last 6-8 to the finale filming for choices as sous chefs. Those 4 you mention could be either a finalist or a sous.

          1. re: dave_c

            Yup. I'm bummed he went before Leah and Fabio. Dambit.

        1. re: edible complex

          stefan was also seen. so that's almost all of them.

        2. stefan, jamie, and hopefully jeff. maybe hosea.

          i don't think fabio has done anything interesting since the olives and those were a borrowed idea (not slamming, just saying).
          hosea has made some good things across the board but little i remember.
          jeff has made some great things but i would agree overthinks and can be downright lousy because of it.
          leah though i dislike her has done a bunch of mediocre to bad things but pulled out a few quickfire wins with some momentary bursts of inspiration.
          i think carla and fabio are next to go.

          1. This is who I think will be in the top 3:
            This is who I want to be in the top 3:
            3) Jeff

            1. I agree with everyone's opinion. My list, right now, would be:

              1. Stefan
              2. Jamie
              3. Fabio or Hosea or Carla

              I find Stefan refreshing and direct. They are all there trying to be Top Chef. I don't care if he's arrogant. I think our culture has gotten sort of namby-pamby about that. The knee-jerk reaction is always... "Boo-hoo, he doesn't play well with others." So what. I'll be mad if his food stays consistently superior, and yet he doesn't get Top Chef because of his personality. They did the same thing to Tiffany way back in season one, who should have been top chef of that season. I think Tom has always regretted that and will not let it happen again. It will be based soley on the food.

              Jamie is smug and smarmy but her food seems to have a light hand and a fresh appeal.

              Spot # 3 is a toss-up. If Carla started doing nothing but throwing down comforting classics, she could have a chance. If Fabio throws down some exquisite Italian food, he could have a chance. If Hosea throws down the surf-n-turf, he could have a chance.

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              1. re: Budget Palate

                what about jeff? he has moments of genius - like tomato sorbet....

                1. re: AMFM

                  It's stuff like that tomato sorbet (dismissed by Stefan but rated "best on plate" by the judges) that I wish he could recapture and really show his stuff.

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    With Radhika gone I think Stefan, Jeff & Jamie have the most talent. It seems to be a pretty steep drop after that. But as we see on a somewhat regular basis, the ability to cook well is not always the determining factor.