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Jan 22, 2009 07:53 AM

DC "spare no expense" dinner recs?

Hi Chowhounders,

My husband and I will be enjoying a major celebratory dinner in the DC area this weekend, cost is NOT a factor, for once (lucky us!!!). Any recommendations? The finer & snootier, the better. City Zen? L'Auberge? We're in Richmond, and out of the loop.



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  1. The Dc Area has a good # of options @ the top end.

    Komi (dupont)
    Obelisk (dupont)
    Tosca (metro center)
    Citronelle (georgetown)
    Minibar (penn quarter)

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    1. re: WestIndianArchie

      I agree with all of these and would include Restaurant Eve in Old Town Alexandria, VA

    2. Then you should definitly try Citronelle in georgetown!!!!

      1. Personally I like City Zen. I don't think 2941 or Komi is going to fit your "snootiness" requirement. Komi especially is pretty casual.

        1. is "inn at little washington" too far from dc for dinner? probably, but fwiw:
          on the other hand, you could just go there, and it is the same distance (about) from richmond.

          2941 to me is not fantastic.

          1. Considering the weekend is two days away good luck getting into one of the better restaurants unless you want to eat at "5.00 or 10.30" !!!

            Restaurant Eve in Old Town(Va) is one of the better restaurants in the DC area.

            Hopefully you're staying at one of the nicer hotel(?) and the concierge can make a few calls. If i were you, i would call the hotel NOW....